Train the Trainer Tutorial


Train the Trainer Tutorial


Train the Trainer certification program is meant for individual seeking to develop and upgrade the skills to train and evaluate the workforce. The tutorial focuses on knowledge-based skills required for imparting training to candidates.  Train the Trainer Tutorial has been designed to build instructional skills and cultivating learning culture thereby giving multiple opportunities to design and evaluate training events. Vskills certification on Train the Trainer tests the candidates on various areas in the Training process, lesson planning, learning process, training techniques, training aids and training evaluation methods.

Table of Content

Training as a Trainer

Training Essentials
Developing Training Skills
Training Competency
Commandment of Training of Trainer

Trainer and Training Process

Rationale and Need for Training
Objectives of Training
Importance of Training
Changing Components of Training
Trainers – Roles and Responsibilities

Assessment of Training Needs

Training Need Identification (Environmental Perspective)
Understanding Training Needs
Scope of Training Needs
Significance of Identifying Training Needs
Matrix of Training Needs
Training Need Statement – Components

Organisation and Management of Training

Process of Designing a Training Programme
In-House Training
Outsourced Training
Handling Training Operations
Training Evaluation
Training Effectiveness

Pedagogy and Environment Training

Environment and Pedagogy Training
Good Organizational Environment 
Physical and Psychological Training Environment
Training Pedagogy
Axioms of Teaching
Process of Developing Training Modules

Training Techniques and Methodology

Types of Training
Methods of Training
Off-the-job Training
Vestibule Training
Choosing Suitable Training Methods

Training Aids and Facilities Planning

Training Aids – Purpose
Commonly used Training Aids

Lesson Planning and Instructional Objectives

Organizing Training Objectives
Instructional Behavior Objectives
Unit Planning
Lesson Planning
Lesson Plan – Format
Fundamentals of Good Lesson Plan
Herbartian Steps Theory

Learning Process

Learning Theories
Theory and Doctrines of Learning
Learning Curve
Management Development
Virtuous Learning Cycle
Principles of Learning

Adult Learning

Principles of Adult Learning
Characteristics of Adult Learners
Applying Adult Learning Theory
Learning Principles
Retention and Recall
Concentration and Attention Span
Cardinal Rules of Memory
Learning Styles Continuum

Process of Training Evaluation

Implementing Training Programs
Measuring Training Effectiveness
Evaluation Post Training
Training Evaluation Techniques

Guidelines for effective Training

Techniques for conducting a successful Training Session
Make Training Memorable
Training Day Checklist
Qualities of Effective Trainers
Classroom or Instructor-Led Training
How to Use Handouts
Perfect PowerPoint
Training Pitfalls
Training Psychology

Development and Training in India

Evolution of Training and Development
Status of Training & Development before 1991
Training Programmes in India
Training through Quality Circles
Training Challenges


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