Third Party Assessments

Challenge and Need

Training programmes ensures imparting of training but are devoid of evidence on the level of skills and knowledge a candidate has gained. An independent third party assessment provides a neutral setting to assess a candidate's competence in a selected domain and provide evidence for same.

The need for third party assessment is becoming crucial as

  1. 3rd party assessments brings accountability and control over training
  2. It empowers candidates with a certificate and instills a sense of accomplishment
  3. It assists in employment by connecting trained and certified students in large numbers with employers and maintaining MIS


Partnership with Vskills provides a reliable and sustainable third-party assessment program. Vskills enables a quick turnaround in measuring an individual competence. Existing Third party assessment partnerships are

Partner NameAssessment on Certification
WhizlabsSix Sigma Green and Black Belt
Digital VidyaSEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Data Analytics
GetcertgoCertifications in Human Resource, Big Data, Management, Office Skills, Accounting, Finance, Information Technology

Assessment collaboration are finalized on annual basis at start of financial year. Next assessment collaboration will initiate on 07-Apr,2018.

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