Automation testing expert- Raghav Pal

Interview with an Automation Testing Expert – Raghav Pal

Automation Testing Expert – Raghav Pal Automation testing has been the new age technology for software test automation.  Therefore, automation is now reaching all functions, across the industries from installation, integration, and maintenance to design, procurement, and management. Automation also reaches into the domain of sales and marketing functions of organizations. In this article you will come across various questions answered by an Automation Expert- Mr Raghav Pal. Raghav Pal is an Automation Test Architect…

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Agile Testing

How to become an Agile Testing Professional as a Fresher?

Securing your first job isn’t easy still with the amalgam of right skills and efforts you may find your dream job. Testing as a career choice is more about having technical skills and knowledge. And if you have decided to become an Agile Testing Professional then let’s first understand how good it is as a job profile all about it. Why it is a good career choice? In recent years a large number of companies…

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BI Testing

How to get a BI Testing job as a Fresher?

This probably is not an easy question to answer. But we have enlisted a few ways to help you start with your BI Testing job search journey. Why BI Testing job is a good career choice? Let’s first understand what Business Intelligence (BI) is. It’s a process of gathering, analyzing, and transforming raw data into accurate, efficient, and meaningful information. This can be used to make wise business decisions and refine business strategy. BI gives…

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API Testing

How to get job in API Testing as a fresher?

Before you begin your journey to become an API Tester, let us understand more about API testing and their functionality. API Testing is a type of software testing that sanctions API. This is totally different from the GUI Testing and the main concentration is on the business logic layer of the software architecture. Moreover, in this form of testing you don’t use standard user inputs (keyboard) and outputs. On the other hand, you are required…

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QA Testing

How to get QA Testing job as a Fresher?

After completing your degrees are you still in dilemma of choosing QA testing as your career? Well QA Testing is the way to move forward. In this article we are going to discuss in length the career opportunities as a QA Testing professional, to help you make the correct career choice. Why QA testing is a good career Choice? Are already employed as a software tester and still worried about your career growth? Then these…

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Accessibility Testing

How to get Accessibility Testing Jobs as a fresher?

Are you planning to become an accessibility testing professional, then lets get started. Now before you begin your journey towards becoming a testing professional, you must gather all necessary details. We will start by discussing the purpose of testing and the career opportunities available. Purpose of Accessibility Testing You must understand the criteria behind Accessibility testing. Correspondingly your purpose of this kind of testing is to ensure that the tested application is viable to people…

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Load Testing

How to get a Load Testing job as a Fresher?

Looking for a career as a Load Testing Professional? It is therefore important for you to have keen interest and passion about software testing. It’s imperative to possess a great knowledge of different types of software testing. There are different Software testing clinics to help you provide with a safe environment to learn and enhance your skills. So, if you’re a fresher and looking for a job as a Load Tester, then you need to…

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Continuous Testing

How to get a job in Continuous Testing as a Fresher?

In general, we define continuous testing is as a type of software testing that involves a testing process which includes testing early, testing often, test everywhere, and automate. Primarily the goal of this format of testing is test early and test often. Such that process involves stakeholders like Developer, DevOps, QA and Operational system. Let us now understanding more about the job and work profile as a Continuous Testing Professional. Why Continuous Testing job is…

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Manual testing

How to find Manual Testing Jobs as a fresher?

Freshers always struggle to get the desired job and those who want to build their careers in IT struggle the most. When looking for a job in IT industry it’s always better to start with software testing.  While later you may switch to software development. But it’s always good to start from scratch to learn something and have a strong grip over that. To start your career with manual testing is going to be fruitful…

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