CSR Vskills

CSR Activities of Indian Companies

In the 21st Century, modern business organisations no longer work in isolation. Their activities have an effect on consumers, shareholders, suppliers, employees and the society at large. Corporations depend on the society and draw from the society in the form of roads, educated workforce, railways, electricity, water resources and land. Thus, it is their duty to contribute to the society too. Thus, the main objective of corporations is no longer profit maximization. In today’s age…

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Paid ads

Top 7 Reasons to Spend on Paid Advertisements

More than 4 billion search happens every day and we need to understand the importance of showing up for relevant search queries. Every second, more than 70,000 searches happen on Google Search Network (GSN), 1000 posts are shared on Instagram, 30,000 posts shared on Facebook and 75,000 videos are seen on YouTube. Everyone here is already finding an answer/ solution. With this sort of information, there is definitely a need to outrank competition and get…

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hr interview questions answers

Common HR Interview Questions with Answers | Job Preparation

HR professionals go beyond the conventional skill oriented interview due to their insightful approach. HR teams filter candidates who would suit the job profile best. The nature of their questions is simple yet strategic and deliberate. Thus it is essential that you prepare for the HR round. Here we enlist the frequent HR interview questions and how to answer them for which you must prepare. HR Interview Questions Phase 1 Generally for initiating conversation and…

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Techniques and Importance of Advertisement in Indian Market

What is Advertisement? Advertisement is derived from the old French from the verb advertir which later on changes to advertise which means denoting a statement calling attention to something. “A notice or an announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy”. It’s the dictionary meaning of advertisement. Advertisement can also be defined as “paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of idea, goods or services by an…

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arbitration in India

Arbitration in India – Points to know

Suing in the court of Law, a tiresome procedure! “I’ll See You in Court” is the most common phrase used by people when there is a heated argument or a dispute, beyond their understanding to settle it by mutual and amicable means, between them. However, the Indian courts have been flooded and overburdened with a number of cases pending before them. As the population of our country is increasing every moment, so are the disputes…

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Effects of Digital Media

Effects of Digital Media on Elderly people

At first what is Digital Media? Digital Media includes any format and a device used to convey content using digital signals For eg: talk on cell phones, reading Internet articles, watching videos, playing video games, using social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. Internet has adverse effects. It has a power to give users a vast amount of information but its overload can be a burden to elderly people, who are just starting to…

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companies act, 2013

Companies Act 2013 – Key Highlights

Introduction In India, a wide range of laws govern multiple subject matters existing in the society. For every human conduct, there is a set of law that defines and regulates his acts. Humans in the society are bound by these laws and may face penalties if, they repudiate to follow these laws. It is thus, an effort made by the Government of India, to ensure peace and harmony among the civilians, residing in a civilized…

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HR Metrics to Drive Business Results

The following questions are fundamental for planning and implementing any strategic HR plans: Where are We? Where Do we Want to Be? How are we going to Do That? How do we measure our Progress? Where are We? There is a paradigm shift in the world of work that even the terms used to describe how to measure performance at the workplace have undergone a transformational change. HR metrics have become a vital component in…

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Your Bite will decide your Diet

Your Bite will decide your Diet

DIET!! – Now what this word really means to you? Does it sound like the synonym of food? Because many still believes that diet and food are more or less the same. Okay. Let me elucidate, traditionally. “Diet” is any food that an individual or community incessantly eats Or Any kind of product or substance that a living being intakes to stay work and healthy. However, we also use this word when a person restricts…

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email marketing vskills

Tips for Creating Email Marketing Strategies

Nowadays, social media marketing has become a key growth lever for businesses. Businesses want to go social for brand building. Although, there is an increase in social media marketing campaigns, email marketing campaigns are still preferred and enjoys an upper hand for lead generation, lead conversion and improvement of brand loyalty.  Every business, whether small or big requires email marketing strategy to enhance the image of the brand. The efficacy of email marketing campaigns in…

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