marketing strategy

Marketing Strategies of Automobile Companies in India

What is Marketing Strategy? A marketing strategy is a business overall game plan by which they can attract the buyer or influence them to buy their product. Marketing strategy is basically a long term plan which contains companies marketing value proposition, objectives, information on the target customer and other high level elements. “Marketing is the marketing logic by which the business units expects to achieve it marketing objectives.” By Phillip Koetler “Choosing market targets and…

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What is Business Communication

Business Communication – Why You Should Master the Skill of Communication

Introduction to Business Communication In our daily lives we spend a major part of our days communicating. We need to communicate in order to be heard and to be understood by others. In the business world the act of communication forms the basis of the workings of the system and is therefore needed to be refined and proper. Poor communications skill not only creates problems in the workspace, it also proves as a barrier for…

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Paid ads

Top 7 Reasons to Spend on Paid Advertisements

More than 4 billion search happens every day and we need to understand the importance of showing up for relevant search queries. Every second, more than 70,000 searches happen on Google Search Network (GSN), 1000 posts are shared on Instagram, 30,000 posts shared on Facebook and 75,000 videos are seen on YouTube. Everyone here is already finding an answer/ solution. With this sort of information, there is definitely a need to outrank competition and get…

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Techniques and Importance of Advertisement in Indian Market

What is Advertisement? Advertisement is derived from the old French from the verb advertir which later on changes to advertise which means denoting a statement calling attention to something. “A notice or an announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy”. It’s the dictionary meaning of advertisement. Advertisement can also be defined as “paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of idea, goods or services by an…

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Instagram marketing strategies

10 Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies

Instagram was founded in October 2010. In 8 years, it has grown as one of the most powerful networking engines. As on September 2018, this web-based photo sharing platform has more than 1 billion active Instagram user base, which is increasing day by day. It has more than 25 million business and more than 50% of Instagram users, who are expected to grow, follows brands. This is why even big brands like Nike, General Electric…

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sales and marketing resume

How to make a good sales & marketing resume

Before jumping into the question, we should understand the following concepts, which will help you to create a perfect resume What is a resume? By definition, a resume is a one or two-page documents which present job applicant’s skills, experience, training and educational qualifications to job recruiter.  A well-written resume is the best marketing tool to present yourself in this huge, competitive world when you are searching for the desired job in your career path.…

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Marketing in Football - the seen and the unseen

Marketing in Football – the seen and the unseen

With more than 3.5 billion fans worldwide, football is the most popular and loved sport in the planet. It is the sports that tasted the purity of late 19th century, struggled through the world war and stands still evoking the passion in individual fans over the communities and nations. The love for this sport has lingered through generations and generations. More than 250 million players all over the world regardless of age, gender and color…

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Why feedback systems are essential

Feedback and on why feedback systems are essential for services organizations Our country is basically known as the best service providing nation, because here people have good understanding and hard-working nature. When a product developed in a company it will gone through a lot of R&D process. Before lunching it to the market the company needs to test it more than 500 times to get the correct decision. It is also not enough for the…

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In this era of a highly competitive world, MARKETING is one of the very essential tools that business houses, especially; make use of in order to have a strong grip in the market. It is a part of the management process, essentially a bridge that fills up the gap between production of goods and services and their use by the customers. The process of marketing is basically carried on by coordinating various elements called the 7Ps…

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