Become a Labour Law professional

What are the Labour Laws in HR?

HR managers play a vital role in shaping the growth of a company/organization. Roles such as- inducting, recruiting, performance assessment, training and Development, and grievance resolution, they are hold responsible for retention, performance and satisfaction of the employees. The “Law” has an important role in the performance of any HR manager. Although not always its apparent. For instance- hiring is accompanied by contracts and also possible negotiation. While firing may require them to follow the…

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Vskills' Prevention of sexual harassment

What is Posh Policy and is posh training mandatory?

Posh is a law to save you and to offer protection against, Sexual Harassment of women at the workplace as well as redressal of complaints of Sexual Harassment. Sexual Harassment violates the fundamental rights of a woman to equality under Articles 14 and 15 of the Constitution of India and her right to life and to live with dignity under Article 21 of the Constitution. And the right to practice any profession, which involves a…

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Become a certified HR Audit

What is the process of HR Audit?

To understand the process of the HR Audit you need to know its scope first. Moreover, the Human resource audits involve an organization’s strategic actions to take an intensely objective look at its HR policies, procedures, and practices. So this type of extensive analysis of the company’s current state can help one identify whether specific practice areas or processes are adequate, legal and effective or not. The results obtained from this review can help in…

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HR Audit process and its importance

What is HR Audit and why is HR Audit so important?

To understand the importance of an HR Audit and answer the question What is HR Audit and why is HR Audit so important? So, let’s just first understand what HR Audit exactly is What Is an HR Audit? An HR audit is an objective scrutiny of your business’s HR policies, practices, and procedures. However, the goal is to look for trouble spots and/or identify ways you can improve. Although you can hire an outside company…

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Practical Guide to Modern HR

Practical Guide to Modern HR

Over the years, the HR industry has experienced a significant shift as HR managers are working as a key player in the support and execution of business strategy. HR Management is no longer a side-lined function as before. Not only this, modern HR has become an indispensable business partner in shaping the organization’s work culture. We in this article are going to illustrate the modern ways of the human resources and their essential role played…

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How do I become a certified payroll manager

How do I become a Certified Payroll Manager?

We all want a position that provides future security, and it seems that getting certified as Payrolls Managers is all that you need. But, what is essential to become a payroll manager and how to become one are the ruling questions here. Well, the answers to these questions is in this article. That is to say, you will get every way and method to become a Payroll Manager. Nowadays, most of the companies require professionals…

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How do I become a training and development specialist

How do I become a Training and Development Specialist?

Do you have the ability to help in planning, conducting, and administering programs for training employees? Then strengthen your skills and get ready to become the next training and development manager to expedite the acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for effective job performance. In this article, we are going to guide you step by step to become a successful Training and Development Manager. So, let’s first get an understanding of training and…

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How to Conduct an HR Audit

How to Conduct an HR Audit?

Do you want to learn about conducting an HR audit or want to know about various strategies and ways to conduct it? Then you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn about the auditing strategy and practices to check department’s adequacy, effectiveness,and making it problem-free. Human resources audits have to focus on every human resource function. And, this includes recruitment and selection, workplace safety and risk management, training and development, employee…

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What is the role of HR Compliance?

What is the role of HR compliance?

Nowadays, you must have heard the term ‘ HR compliance’. This is because compliance is essential not just for the successful business,  but also to avoid severe fines and criminal charges. However, a responsibility to remaining compliant implies nothing if you don’t know what it is. Therefore, in this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know. Not to mention, we’ll also discuss all the roles and responsibilities of the HR Compliance Officer.…

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How do I get into HR Analytics?

Do you have an interest in the field of human resources and want to learn more about its analytical aspects? If so, then getting into HR Analytics would be a great career choice for you. Apparently, HR is gradually moving away from making gut decisions to more evidence-based decision making. Earlier, it was assumed that as a team the contribution of HR is limited to extending offer letters and onboarding new hires, but human resource…

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