How do I become a training and development specialist

How do I become a Training and Development Specialist?

Do you have the ability to help in planning, conducting, and administering programs for training employees? Then strengthen your skills and get ready to become the next training and development manager to expedite the acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for effective job performance. In this article, we are going to guide you step by step to become a successful Training and Development Manager. So, let’s first get an understanding of training and…

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How to Conduct an HR Audit

How to Conduct an HR Audit?

Do you want to learn about conducting an HR audit or want to know about various strategies and ways to conduct it? Then you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn about the auditing strategy and practices to check department’s adequacy, effectiveness,and making it problem-free. Human resources audits have to focus on every human resource function. And, this includes recruitment and selection, workplace safety and risk management, training and development, employee…

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What is the role of HR Compliance?

What is the role of HR compliance?

Nowadays, you must have heard the term ‘ HR compliance’. This is because compliance is essential not just for the successful business,  but also to avoid severe fines and criminal charges. However, a responsibility to remaining compliant implies nothing if you don’t know what it is. Therefore, in this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know. Not to mention, we’ll also discuss all the roles and responsibilities of the HR Compliance Officer.…

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How do I get into HR Analytics?

Do you have an interest in the field of human resources and want to learn more about its analytical aspects? If so, then getting into HR Analytics would be a great career choice for you. Apparently, HR is gradually moving away from making gut decisions to more evidence-based decision making. Earlier, it was assumed that as a team the contribution of HR is limited to extending offer letters and onboarding new hires, but human resource…

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How to become an HR Auditor

How do I prepare for an HR audit?

Are you all ready to prepare for HR Audit, or finding a study plan, to start your preparation with? No need to worry! Whether it is for a professional agency audit, or just want to be ready for an unannounced visit from the department of labor, in this article you will find the best way to understand HR audits and how to prepare for it. Basically, the field of Human resource audit focuses on examining…

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gender pay gap

Gender Pay Gap | What is it and How Can We Fix It

INTRODUCTION While images of smart, successful women working alongside men are found in abundance, the truth of the workplace and the remuneration lie in conflict with it. In the reports on Gender pay gap thousands of companies file their gender pay gap figures, revealing that on average men are paid more than women. There are various factors that lead to this gap, but let’s first look at what it exactly is. WHAT IS GENDER PAY…

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hr practices - training and development essential

Training and Development | Essential HR Practices

Training and Development is an essential practice for any organization. It helps firms to enhance employee performance and track their productivity. It is expected of training interventions to bring forth productive results for the organization’s goals. Developing the knowledge base of employees, skill enhancement, human resource utility and teaching of new concepts and ideas are the kind of engagements that are included in it. However, this intervention in itself is a rather expensive investment. The…

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hr interview questions answers

Common HR Interview Questions with Answers | Job Preparation

HR professionals go beyond the conventional skill oriented interview due to their insightful approach. HR teams filter candidates who would suit the job profile best. The nature of their questions is simple yet strategic and deliberate. Thus it is essential that you prepare for the HR round. Here we enlist the frequent HR interview questions and how to answer them for which you must prepare. HR Interview Questions Phase 1 Generally for initiating conversation and…

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HR Metrics to Drive Business Results

The following questions are fundamental for planning and implementing any strategic HR plans: Where are We? Where Do we Want to Be? How are we going to Do That? How do we measure our Progress? Where are We? There is a paradigm shift in the world of work that even the terms used to describe how to measure performance at the workplace have undergone a transformational change. HR metrics have become a vital component in…

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technical skills for human resources resume

Top Technical Skills To Learn & Include in your Human Resources Resume

HR professionals multi-task and engage in various responsibilities from recruitment, handling payrolls, customer complaints, employer relations to handling retention policies, budgets, compensations etc. With the introduction of software and technical assistance, some of that workload has been relegated. In any case, HR professionals need to master these technical skills to maintain efficiency in their work. Becoming acquainted with the technical introductions can give you an edge over others if you are an HR aspirant. Being…

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