A skill is an capability to do a specific task.Now a person’s attribute is judged these days by
how much skilled is he in a specific field.The skill set may be in any field,in studies,
medicine,gaming,or even other fields…
Now the skill set may be divided into two sets:
1.Hard Skill
2.Soft Skills


1.Hard Skills refers to the ability of performing a categorised task.This may even range from
writing a book to performing an operation or even writing a story.A specific task that enables
one to do a specific task is termed as an hard skill.
2.Soft Skill refers to the ability how fluently is that particular person able to intermix
with other people and his ability in communication so as to describe his views fluently
to other people.
Now these skill sets are an essential feature of every people.In bold terms we may say that
it is the essence of one’s living.It plays a major role in a student’s life too.The soft skills
are an essential feature in the interviews whereas while working you surely do need the hard skills
a lot.
So,friends start developing your skills…


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