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Top Technical Skills To Learn & Include in your Human Resources Resume

HR professionals multi-task and engage in various responsibilities from recruitment, handling payrolls, customer complaints, employer relations to handling retention policies, budgets, compensations etc. With the introduction of software and technical assistance, some of that workload has been relegated. In any case, HR professionals need to master these technical skills to maintain efficiency in their work. Becoming acquainted with the technical introductions can give you an edge over others if you are an HR aspirant. Being updated with the existing technical skills can be of use for any HR professional.
Here we enlist the top technical skills to include in your human resources resume.

1. Human Resource Information Software (HRIS)

Human Resource Information Software (HRIS) is technological assistance for Human Resource Management groups. The software allows the repository of data in a centralized manner which in effect increases efficiency and reduces workload. They are effective in establishing compliance and insight. The effective Human Capital Management is best achieved through HRIS.
Almost all organisations deploy the software for their database and management due to the effective cost reduction it causes. There are HRIS for small and medium sized enterprises to large scale businesses. Organizational changes, paper based requests, flexibility for workers can be managed with efficiency through HRIS. HRIS certifications are also available nowadays that can be used for validating your acquaintance with HRIS & to include in your human resources resume.

2. Applicant Tracking Systems

Considering the number of applicants who apply for jobs, most HR management teams use ATS to track down candidates, match their data from the CVs with the organization’s database and shortlist the suitable candidates for further processing according to the job requirements. The ATS increases hiring standards and paces the process. With upcoming possibilities to integrate ATS with the HRIS system, information isolation could be avoided thereby making the process easier and reducing workload.

3. Cloud Technology

It is integral for HR professionals to be able to operate cloud platform ATS or any other HR software. The availability of cloud platform assists in inter-department data transfers and communication by HR professionals. The consistency of relevant information can be acquired by the performance metrics and other cloud practices. It further increases mobility of data availing it at any place and time. HR professionals must be efficient and active with google drive Dropbox, Backblaze, Carbonite and any other cloud platform for data backups. Your human resources resume must have these technical skills as they are of much relevance today.

4. Talent Management Software (TMS) and L&D software

A TMS assists HR professionals to recognize and retain talent. The talent acquisition that is so often dependent upon the hiring can be achieved with TMS driven data over a long period of time. Depending upon the performance evaluation recorded, career goals of employees, general feedback allows HR professionals to strategize promotions, training etc.

L&D software is used for employee training. It ensures continuous learning with comprehensive analytic tools that are incorporated into the company’s software. These together help to maintain employee performance up to the required standards.

5. Gamification Techniques

Gamification techniques are behavior motivated techniques. In HR, gamification techniques and mechanism are useful in many cases such as talent acquisition, training, development, networking and knowledge building. Some challenging engagement such as that in games and related activities improves the work culture, environment, and teamwork. It encourages collaborations amongst employees, promotes learning and development and also helps in onboarding new hires. There are particularly useful in incentivizing employers for top candidates for rewards and recognition. Listing this skill can make your human resources resume stand out from other candidates.

6. Social Media Handling

Social Media Platforms are excellent for hiring, identifying potential candidates, promoting recruitment notifications etc. In fact, social media handles can bring forth candidates with the required skill set for a hard to fit the position. Such promotional engagement can boost the processes and improve your organization’s position.
So as long as the HR professional is acquainted with the legal implications and ethics, social media handle should be the ideal place for initiating interaction and checking the history of a potential candidate.

7. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Products Suite

A rather implicit necessity in most job situations, the effective knowledge of the Microsoft tools and products, be it Excel, Word, PowerPoint, is a must for an HR professional. For the transfer of data to individual departments in a manner that is both comprehensive and presentable, the office tools become rather necessary. Proficient knowledge of Microsoft office products can account for quality talent management by the HR professional.

8. Payroll Software

There are various payroll software that can be used however for HR professionals the effective understanding of a singular payroll software that is scalable, comprehensive and manageable, shall be sufficient. They reduce costs, reduces paperwork thereby maintaining the reporting efficiency. HR professionals must attain this technical knowledge for dealing with their work. Knowledge of payroll software is a must have in your human resources resume.

9. Mining Online Database

It is essential that HR professionals engage in an extensive search to find suitable candidates who suit the vacancies of the company and are willing to take up the position. This form of search can be best acquired by internet mining and that in itself is the requirement for improved sourcing and analytics.
Data mining in itself is also necessary for HR professionals to include in their human resources resume. It is essential for the purpose of extraction of data for organising events, management, economic data, event employee based data and more general employee data. All this is essential for retention, performance, recruitment etc.

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