Third Party Assessments

Need for Third Party Assessment

We have observed a constant need by organizations constantly on third-party assessments to evaluate job applicants and employees as it facilitates in evaluating the skills, knowledge, and abilities of an individual or organization by an external agency or entity. The need for third-party assessment arises in many situations, including recruitment, promotion, and certification.

  • Helps in impartial evaluation: Third-party assessments provide an impartial evaluation of a candidate's skills and abilities, which helps companies make better-informed hiring decisions.
  • Implement Standardization: Third-party assessments are means to standardize the process, and ensure that all candidates are evaluated on the same criteria, making the process more fair and consistent.
  • Overall Cost-effective: Third-party assessments are generally more cost-effective ways as compared to in-house assessments and evaluation
  • Focus on Evaluation Objectivity: Third-party assessments brings objectivity to the process of evaluation, thereby helping organizations avoid bias and ensure most qualified candidates are hired.
  • Brings Credibility: Third-party assessments enhances the credibility of the hiring process and the organizations reputation.

Role of Vskills - Third Party Assessment 

Vskills is a popular choice for third-party assessments for several reasons:

  • Credibility and reputation: Vskills has a reputation for providing unbiased and reliable assessments. We have conducted assessments for more than 50K individuals and organizations.
  • Industry-specific assessments: Vskills offers assessments that are tailored to specific industries and sectors, ensuring that the assessments are relevant and accurate. This means that the assessments are designed to test the skills and knowledge that are required for specific job roles or industries.
  • Comprehensive assessments: Vskills assessments are comprehensive and cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that the assessment accurately evaluates the candidate's knowledge and skills. This also helps in identifying the areas where the candidate needs improvement.
  • Convenience: Vskills assessments can be taken online, which makes it convenient for candidates to take the assessment from anywhere and at any time. This also makes it easy for organizations to conduct assessments for large groups of candidates.
  • Certification: Vskills assessments are recognized across various industries and organizations, which means that the certification obtained through Vskills assessments can be used to showcase the candidate's skills and knowledge to potential employers.

Partnership with Vskills provides a reliable and sustainable third-party assessment program. Vskills enables a quick turnaround in measuring an individual competence. Existing Third party assessment partnerships are - 

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