Are you competent for job?

The word ‘competencies’ is frequently used throughout the recruitment process. It is useful to understand what does competency mean and are you competent for a job. Most recruiters when they talk about competency refer to the falling Communication Skills People Management Team skills Customer services skills Result orientation Problems-solving Best Online Resume Builders Competencies or being competent for job, a certain behaviour that the organization requires for effective performance. The technical skills, Best Online Resume…

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hr interview questions answers

Common HR Interview Questions with Answers | Job Preparation

HR professionals go beyond the conventional skill oriented interview due to their insightful approach. HR teams filter candidates who would suit the job profile best. The nature of their questions is simple yet strategic and deliberate. Thus it is essential that you prepare for the HR round. Here we enlist the frequent HR interview questions and how to answer them for which you must prepare. HR Interview Questions Phase 1 Generally for initiating conversation and…

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sales and marketing resume

How to make a good sales & marketing resume

Before jumping into the question, we should understand the following concepts, which will help you to create a perfect resume What is a resume? By definition, a resume is a one or two-page documents which present job applicant’s skills, experience, training and educational qualifications to job recruiter.  A well-written resume is the best marketing tool to present yourself in this huge, competitive world when you are searching for the desired job in your career path.…

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Top Seo Techniques

Top 15 SEO Techniques to Rank in Google

Before we Begin Lets Get Started with the basics of SEO. What is SEO ? SEO means Search Engine Optimization, it is process of improving visibility of Your website on or search engine result pages (SERPs) and increasing visitors to your website with the help of Search Engines like Google Search, Microsoft Bing Search, Yahoo Search etc. We can Get more Traffic to our Website in 2 ways,one is by advertising on Platforms like Google…

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New year Resolution

Ditch your New Year’s Resolutions and Do This

Ditch your New Year’s Resolutions and Do This New Year’s resolutions cannot lead to a sustainable change in behavior because they are not built in a way that motivates and transforms motivation into action and change. We must not lose weight, get to zero, exercise more, stop drinking so much and feel more gratitude. And because resolutions don’t work, they’re depressing inherently. An estimated 80% of resolutions are discontinued by February. Make New Year’s resolutions…

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What is Machine Learning? | Vskills Certification

What is Machine Learning?

What is Machine Learning? Machine learning can be defined as the science of giving machines an ability to make decisions. The machines are made capable of learning from its own experiences and by analyzing data. Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence. The product of machine learning is an intelligent system, which learns from experience and by finding patterns in data, which is beyond comprehension for humans. Now machine learning does involve mathematics and…

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Grab employers attention with a targeted resume ! | Vskills Certification

Grab employers attention with a targeted resume !

Grab employers’ attention with a targeted resume! You will agree that employees are the strength of the organization and there is always need to upgrade skills with changing trends. What are the top skills that truly differentiate one candidate from another during the application process? Top Job Skills Impeccable communication skills High analytical and research skills Ability to manage multiple tasks Good interpersonal abilities Ability to make decision and solve problems Leadership and Management skills…

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Vskills-Certified | Vskills Certification

Vskills Certified Candidates – 16th & 17th June 2018

Vskills Certified Candidates Vskills Recently conducted assessment exams in different cities all across India as well as outside India. There were thousands of working professionals/college students appeared for the exam in different areas like Web Development, Automation Testing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Human Resources Management, Six Sigma, Data Science & Security etc. Refer the given link for the complete list. “Best of luck to all the certified candidates !!” Those who are not…

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Excel Skills For Finance Professionals | Vskills Certification

Excel Skills For Finance Professionals

Excel is an invaluable source of financial data analysis. Every day, an uncountable amount of financial data is analyzed by financial experts. These data helps investors to improve investment portfolios and dig deeper into the financial market. What Excel skills are most valuable for finance and accounting? Managing Data with Table Vlookup Index and match IF,AND,OR Pivot Tables and Power Pivot Named Ranges Array Formulas Custom number formats Conditional Formatting Special types of paste Text-To-Columns…

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How to Land Good Placements in Engineering Colleges

How to Land Good Placements in Engineering Colleges

Article Summary Our engineering colleges might impart knowledge and skills to students but only a few of them have good programs to hone them for job interviews they face during campus placements. Sanjay Agrawal, a 5th-year student of the dual degree M.Tech course at IIT Kharagpur, was left disappointed in campus placements this year. He shared, “Campus placements can be a tricky thing. I was not selected because I was a topper of my class!…

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