Are you competent for job?

The word ‘competencies’ is frequently used throughout the recruitment process. It is useful to understand what does competency mean and are you competent for a job.

  • Most recruiters when they talk about competency refer to the falling
  • Communication Skills
  • People Management
  • Team skills
  • Customer services skills
  • Result orientation
  • Problems-solving
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Competencies or being competent for job, a certain behaviour that the organization requires for effective performance.

The technical skills, Best Online Resume Builders, knowledge and ability that you have and how you apply them in practice makes you competent for job.

Assessment by Employers

The ways in which employers will assess whether you have the competencies they are looking are by

  • By Showing the employer how you have used these skills by examples
  • In addition they will also observe you perform tasks or activities designed to test those competencies e.g. interview, assessment centre or online
  • They may also give you case studies or theoretical examples and asking you to outline your approach to the challenge set.

How to show competency with example

You will understand better with the following two statements

A. I am good at handling conflict

B. My work in customer services helping clients who on occasion could be aggressive, means that i am highly experienced and able to handle conflict should it arise.

You look more competent for job through the second sentence. The second sentence supplies background and context. This is the key to providing the proof that an employer is looking for in your CV.

Assessments for competency testing

Some roles require a high level of innate ability as a precondition for considering whether a candidate is competent for a job. For these roles, the employer may use aptitude or ability tests to ascertain whether you are competent for a job.  These are commonly multiple choice questions. You can proactively test yourself by taking free aptitude tests available at multiple places like

Why don’t you list down the skills you have and examples of how you used each one of those skills to show you are competent for job?

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