Vskills Learning Selenium

How long does it take to learn Selenium?

You all must be wondering that why Selenium is in demand? Why Selenium professional enjoys the perks of a good salary? Moreover, it is important to know the reasons attached to learn Selenium. Well, all these questions are genuine and can pop up in anybody’s mind. Therefore, in order to uncover this question, you need to understand the advantages of the same. We shall be defining some of the reasons to learn Selenium and improve…

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Interview with Expert Quality Engineer – Tanveer Nishat

When we refer to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs as a quality engineer is expected to grow by 10% between 2016 and 2026. In fact, this projection represents a slightly higher rate of growth than the average for all careers. But, the career holds great long-term potential in the future. However, your potential in the field is dependent on maintaining your profile. Today we’re going to walk you through with one of the…

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Comparison between AML and KYC

What is the difference between AML and KYC?

Do you know the difference between AML and KYC? You may have heard about AML and KYC but want to know exactly how these differentiate. In this article, we will brief about each one of them individually and then compare and contrast for better understanding. Know Your Customer (KYC) Know Your Customer (KYC) refers to the process of verifying a customer’s identity. Moreover, in KYC, each client has to provide documents like ID documents in…

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Is there a python certification?

Yes, there are several Python Certifications to choose from. But, the only question is which one to choose? Because only the right certification will help you create an amazing career. So, before you move down in the overthinking lane. Let’s just stop you then and there only. No need to worry! Because in this article we’re going to take you through the drive which we will help you find the right Python certification. As you…

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A Complete Guide to Qualify GST Practitioner Exam

How do I become a GST Practitioner?

Are you looking for some stability in your professional life and wish to give your career a boost? If you are, then probably this amazing career as a GST Practitioner can help you achieve so. Honestly, you can make up a handsome payout with this hassle-free job. Here in this blog, we will be providing comprehensive details about GST starting from the skills required to how you can successfully become one. Therefore, let’s start your…

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Who is eligible for GST practitioner?

Want to become a GST Practitioner, but don’t know how? Well together with the skills, you must meet the minimum prerequisites to become a qualified GST Practitioner. Also, you should have a good understanding of the core concepts and functionalities before you start practicing. Types of GST Indirect taxes of both central governments (excise duty, customs duty, service tax, etc.) state governments (VAT, Luxury tax, etc.), are subsumed by the GST and both now depend…

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Top AML-KYC Certification

Is there any certification on AML/KYC?

Do you want to create a career in the banking sector? If so, well then you are at the right place. Here you will learn everything about the banking sector and its related certifications.  The purpose of any certification is to unlock better opportunities, thereby giving a boost to your career.  Saying so, let’s start with AML/KYC certification which is the ultimate key to your banking sector door. We all know the fact that Anti-money…

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Top Python Certification 2020

Which certification is best for Python?

Before we start making a list of best Python certifications, it becomes important to understand the latest trends and market requirements. Needless to say, Python has become one of the most suitable programming languages with the latest trends including Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. You may define, Python as a high-level object-oriented programming language holding a good reputation worldwide in the job market. According to a survey, nearly 38.8% of users in Stack Overflow use…

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Top Selenium Certification 2020

Is there any world wide accepted certification for Selenium?

Yes, there are various Selenium Certification available in the market. But, only the right certification will lead to a great career path. So, before you get stuck in this certification era, we’re here to direct you in the right direction. Also, in this article we will give you an insight about the Selenium trends and market demand. Further, it will help you choose the right Selenium certification. Top Software Testing Trends in 2020 Automation testing…

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