Right Resume

How to choose the right resume?

Starting from scratch is tough be it any profession or job. Hence building a resume from scratch is the biggest pain one can have, especially when you have limited number of patterns or templates. And you can’t extend your resume beyond the usual Times New Roman to The Arial Black in the terms of flair. On one hand you want a professional resume and at the same time you don’t even want it to look…

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Find job

Find out Why You Didn’t Get the Job?

Find out Why You Didn’t Get the Job? After sending in a stellar resume, you even blew recruiter away in the phone screening. And above all you slayed everyone you spoke with during your in-person interview. And yet, you didn’t get the job. You’re still wondering what went wrong, you never heard back or received any feedback at all. And in the worst case you received a useless feedback stating “we found a better candidate…

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looking for a job

What do you do when you are looking for a job?

Looking for a Job? If you are looking for a job and do not have any plan then the whole process can be extremely stressful and tiring. When you are looking for a job many things look pointless like going out and handing resumes and making cold calls. These not only pull you down but also can be very hard on your self-confidence. It is always suggested to be strategic in the job hunt that…

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Job search

How to organize your Job Search?

How to organize your Job Search? It is very easy to go and apply for multiple positions and for multiple job openings at different locations and website. But to keep a track of it is extremely important yet confusing. Many a times it is seen that candidate apply for almost all possible job profiles and then forget. When they finally land up getting the call, they then have no answer or sound confused by saying,…

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job search

Time saving tips to speed up Job Search

Are you not able to find the right job or getting stuck somewhere? Use the following time-saving tips to speed up job search and help you hunt for a new job smoothly. Be Prepared: You must have a voice mail system ready in place and maintain a separate email account to use for your job search. Keep your emails organized and answered on regular basis to manage your account properly. Remember to place your current…

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Are you competent for job?

The word ‘competencies’ is frequently used throughout the recruitment process. It is useful to understand what does competency mean and are you competent for a job. Most recruiters when they talk about competency refer to the falling Communication Skills People Management Team skills Customer services skills Result orientation Problems-solving Best Online Resume Builders Competencies or being competent for job, a certain behaviour that the organization requires for effective performance. The technical skills, Best Online Resume…

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hr interview questions answers

Common HR Interview Questions with Answers | Job Preparation

HR professionals go beyond the conventional skill oriented interview due to their insightful approach. HR teams filter candidates who would suit the job profile best. The nature of their questions is simple yet strategic and deliberate. Thus it is essential that you prepare for the HR round. Here we enlist the frequent HR interview questions and how to answer them for which you must prepare. HR Interview Questions Phase 1 Generally for initiating conversation and…

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sales and marketing resume

How to make a good sales & marketing resume

Before jumping into the question, we should understand the following concepts, which will help you to create a perfect resume What is a resume? By definition, a resume is a one or two-page documents which present job applicant’s skills, experience, training and educational qualifications to job recruiter.  A well-written resume is the best marketing tool to present yourself in this huge, competitive world when you are searching for the desired job in your career path.…

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Top Seo Techniques

Top 15 SEO Techniques to Rank in Google

Before we Begin Lets Get Started with the basics of SEO. What is SEO ? SEO means Search Engine Optimization, it is process of improving visibility of Your website on or search engine result pages (SERPs) and increasing visitors to your website with the help of Search Engines like Google Search, Microsoft Bing Search, Yahoo Search etc. We can Get more Traffic to our Website in 2 ways,one is by advertising on Platforms like Google…

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New year Resolution

Ditch your New Year’s Resolutions and Do This

Ditch your New Year’s Resolutions and Do This New Year’s resolutions cannot lead to a sustainable change in behavior because they are not built in a way that motivates and transforms motivation into action and change. We must not lose weight, get to zero, exercise more, stop drinking so much and feel more gratitude. And because resolutions don’t work, they’re depressing inherently. An estimated 80% of resolutions are discontinued by February. Make New Year’s resolutions…

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