Find what you love doing, and get paid for that!!
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Choose the career of your choice and get hired!

An unconventional take on careers, it’s not too far from the truth, when you remark the importance of love what you do for a living. Nevertheless, knowing to have what you love as a career is not as simple as, gulping a piece of your favorite chocolate. It is a bit more complicated than that. However, it does not require learning rocket science, either.

So, now the question arises, how to select the right career?

To start with this, first you need a plan.

Choose right career path
Choose right career path

An old saying- “Impossible is nothing”, hence, there nothing that one cannot achieve with a help of a well worked-out plan and choosing a career is no exception, either. So, here is why proceeding with a plan honestly works well for most people:

Having a plan in your mind actually makes you think in a more clear way and things will start falling into their place once you start doing that.

One of the biggest factors for having a successful life is the job satisfaction i.e. love what you do for a living, the employees have. As, stated by a global survey.

With the growing pace of technology, every industry look for skillful professionals, thus proceeding with a plan actually takes one towards his/her dream career with right course of actions as required.

While choosing a career, having a good plan and making an informed choice comes hand in hand.

An illustration: if reading and writing stories is what you enjoy then, it will be quite a messy affair if you have to work 10-8 in an MNC. You should be training to become a successful writer or an entrepreneur offering your write-ups to different firms and getting paid in return.

Here are 10 steps to take for choosing the right career

To have a desirable and fulfilling career is not only just about having your bank account filled, being able to splurge on expensive material things, or about being happy with the job description you have. There are plenty of other factors that play a vital role such as a satisfactory work environment, the future of the industry that you choose, and most important of all your co-workers, they create a salubrious standpoint that you have towards your job at the end of the day.

Whether you like coding-decoding for the technical industry or becoming a successful fashion designer is your dream, just make sure that you follow these 10 steps provided. The following provided 10 steps will help you choose the right career and never regret the choice you make. Split into the four crucial stages of first knowing you’re to do thing, planning of your roadmap, preparing yourself for it and lastly working on it. So, when it comes to your career, these following 10 steps will help you in making the right choice.

Know it

Appraising yourself

First you need to know what you are really good at and no, just winning a dance completion back in the high school doesn’t not just enough or certify you to be a professional choreographer. Although, that is not to say that this will only count your trained skills.

For instance, there is no training to impart culinary skills in you when there is no passion in you for learning it. But amalgam of passion and training can actually make you a successful chef, and perfect for the respective job career.

Just sit down with yourself and take a deep look within yourself. A self introspection will surely help you find the things you excel in, and yes the future results will stun you.

Scrutinize like there is no end to it…

Just try and gather all the required details and information in relation to the respective career that you can really craft with the use of your talent, skills and the training (this will add a lot). Inbred and the skills you gave acquired sets both contribute to build an all-around developed person for the respective job sectors.

In this modern era, use the internet fully, subscribe to podcasts & webinars that are relevant to your interests’ area. Also, stay update to all the current and latest happenings in the industry.


Pick a go-to person

There is nothing more like a blessing, when you actually have a go-to person. Having a mentor or guide to help in you in every troubled situation of your life, from choosing the right clothes to the right career for yourself really helps. A mentor or guide can be anyone in your life – a parent, a senior, someone you trust, a friend, a professor, whom you can count o for every advice in your life. This will actually help you to pick the right profession and your future job industry. There are also career counsellors available whom you can consult on this matter.

Shortlist all the probable and relevant options

Prepare a job/career roles’ list that actually add to your interests. You can browse various job domains and portal offering your dream role..

Before engaging in this, make sure, you include all your aspiring jobs, by following your preferences’ order. This would be a quickest way, for you to make a final and good choice.

Setting you career goals

Now, after reaching this stage, there must be some professional goals you set for yourself. It’s fine if you haven’t worked for a single day in your life. But at least you must possess some ideas for your present and future achievements.

Firstly, make a journal by jotting down your long & short-term goals, this will help you assessing the kind of career that your need is. E.g. being one of the world’s famous chefs could be your lo0ng-term goal. While, mastering the basic culinary art within five to six months might be a short-term goal.

Look for the best and relevant training courses

There is an ocean of options when it comes to polishing your skills be it any, just search for the best training courses online. From webinars, podcasts to online tutorials look for the ones that can actually boost your skills. With this devote some fraction your time searching offline and online for the relevant training or classes.


What your set of skills

After all the research work and planning you are done with your this part. Now, it’s the time to get you ready yourself for the main challenges that lie ahead. To make yourself one of the most sought-after candidates, you will need to pick up more than one specific skill.

Up your skills like a pro by using web and offline resource as well, if you are software designing, E.g. , then make sure you can try upgrading to a more updated tool for designing.

Acquisition of universal skills

After learning and gaining the technical skills in your specific area of interest, make sure that you acquire the universal skills, too. To be fit for any job industry, these skills are a must. These include effective communication skills, emotional intelligence, acquaintance with digital marketing, computer knowledge and the likes.

For any job domain these skills much needed. These skills help you in becoming a part of any organization quickly.

The implementation

Apprenticing is the way

The best and the quickest way to acquire insightful knowledge about any specific industry or organization, is to be a part of it. Thus, your best venture would be to start as an apprentice.

This will just not help you in knowing the work culture there but also, it’ll help you in learning a lot about tackling the challenges you may face there. Also, it’ll help in making you a well deserving candidate for job interviews later in your life.

Learn what you experience

So, now you need to find a job you’ll be happy to stay with. Since you will be spending around one-third of your life at work,

Don’t just settle for whatever you get, Yes you need to be brave enough to take the risk and that involves you trying your hands at various job opportunities you get, before you finally find the one satisfying your soul.

With all these, now the very last step in finding the right career or job is to never settle for less and be restless and don’t lose your patience, as it’s a must in finding the right and the best.

The conclusion part

Its okay to not know everything at once, as gaining the required knowledge is must but you don’t need to answer everything. Although, that does not even means that all is lost. If any confusion is there or you are just clueless about the choice you need to make in your life about “what you really want to do for a living” then it’s very simple just follow the above formulated plan that being suggested.

Once you decide to chase your dreams then you’ll find the right path sooner or later. There is nothing in this world that can stop you or anyone from achieving the desired thing. It just takes the right knowledge, being resourceful, and the required skills to conquer any challenge in life. Just, consider every and all the alternatives you find and make a well informed decision for your career.

All the very best!