Common Mistakes on Resume that will disqualify you
Author: teamvskills, June 30, 2019 – Posted in: Career Tips – Tags: , ,

It is correctly said that “First Impression is the last impression”. And to give a good impression through your resume is very important to stand out the chance for the next round. Nowadays there are many tips available for resume writings so it becomes really confusing on the part of applicants and they often end up making some or the other error in their resumes. So there are common errors which a candidate must avoid to make his/her resume stand out of others in the resume screening process.

1. Never lie about anything in your resume

You can easily get caught in your interview round if you have lied about anything in your resume. And getting caught lying in your interview is the worst and most embarrassing. Recruiters can also blacklist you for lying. Employers can always verify the information that you have supplied to them through your resume so make sure that you add only correct data and facts.

2. Don’t just rely on spellcheck for errors

A resume with bad grammar and spelling mistakes will lead a very bad impression on the employer. An employer will not even completely read your resume if he/she finds out any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. You should not completely rely on spell check but also make sure that you proof read your resume yourself or if possible make your senior or any other person proof read it for you.

3. Including outdated or irrelevant information

Don’t include any information just for the sake of making your resume full of information. And never include any outdated or irrelevant information. If you have many thing to be included in your resume that make sure you select those which are relevant foot that profile and will strengthen your resume for that job.

4. Never make it too long

Ideally your resume should be of one page and if you feel you can’t fit all the relevant data in one page then too it should not be more than two pages. Try to keep your resume as concise as possible — this would be easier when you would only include projects and accomplishments that matter for that job.

5. A Bad Career Objective

Many people include too much idealism in this section which can work the other way and may make the employer reject your resume. Make sure that you make this part of your resume very cautiously. As these two or three lines will define you in front of your employer. Be careful about the qualities that you use for this section as they can cross question you about them in the interview round.

6. Not Being Yourself

If your personality gets lost beneath all the business jargon that you have used in your resume then the employer may be rejecting your resume because it doesn’t matches with them and highlight that you’d be a perfect employee for their company. Always be yourself. Remember you have to work in that company in the long run for long term prospects so make sure that you act wisely during the selection process and make a right choice.