Top Seo Techniques

Top 15 SEO Techniques to Rank in Google

Before we Begin Lets Get Started with the basics of SEO.

What is SEO ?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, it is process of improving visibility of Your website on or search engine result pages (SERPs) and increasing visitors to your website with the help of Search Engines like Google Search, Microsoft Bing Search, Yahoo Search etc.

We can Get more Traffic to our Website in 2 ways,one is by advertising on Platforms like Google and Facebook etc. and the other method is by Ranking top on Search Engines by using the following SEO Techniques.

Why SEO is so important ?

If You want to improve your Online Sales and if you want more visitors for your website and if you want to rank top on Google. SEO will Help your Business grow and to reach your Targets.

Do you Know the Reason Why Top E-Commerce Websites like Amazon and Flip kart are making Huge Money? it is because of SEO. 30% of their Traffic is generated from Search Engines Mostly By Google (I.e Approx 800 million Visitors).

  • SEO will enhance your Business in Both Offline and Online Markets.
  • Usage of the Internet is increasing day by day, Everyone is shifting Their Business to Online. So in order to Show your Identity on Search Engines, you should care about SEO for your Website.

Now Let’s Look at the Most Popular Search Engines around the World.

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Baidu
  4. Yahoo


When it comes to top search engines Google always Stands First.    Google is Dominating the Market by holding the Share of  74.5%. The main Reason is Most of them Use Andriod Devices which is powered by Google and in Personal Computers / Laptops most of them use Chrome Browser which is also powered by has a Clean and Fast User Interface which many likes.


This Microsoft Powered Search Engine Stands Second by holding a market Share of 8 %.  Bing Has Good User Interface but it displays a Wallpaper in Background.


Baidu is the Chinese equivalent of Google and is the country’s leading search engine, with a market share of 3.2%.


Yahoo used to be One of Competitor for Google back in those has a total market share of 5.4%. Now it is acquired by Microsoft, both Bing Search and Yahoo search works on the same algorithms.

As Google is a Key Player for any Website you should have to know few Details about Google.

Google company was officially launched in 1998 by two Friends Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Now it is the most widely used web-based search engine. The Current CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai.

Operations that Google Perform

Google Search Timeline

Google is Implementing Artificial Intelligence Technology in its search engine which is called Google Assistant. It helps users in finding more relevant results just through Voice Search. Soon Google is going to release their New Product called Google Duplex in all Andriod Mobile Phones . which will make user experience more amazing.

So Now we have a Clear view about Google and Search Engine Optimization and Why it is important for your Business or Website. Doing Search Engine Optimization for a Website is Not too Difficult neither it’s not too Easy too.

SEO will not bring you overnight success but in some cases it does. It’s a gradual Process of implementing outstanding strategies. If you still haven’t understood what is SEO no Problem, just go through the below example you will get a clear idea about SEO.

Example: Now perform a search on Google, search for “Desktop”

Google Search: Desktop

In the above picture, we can see we have searched for a keyword called “Desktop”

Google displayed billions of Web pages in just a fraction of second. Do the Visitor go through all those Web Pages? of course NO.

Visitors may only check the Top Sites which are Listed in Page 1.

The Percentage of people who check Page 2 Search Results is Very Less. So Getting Ranked on Google Page 1 is really important and it will be helpful for your business/websites. So Follow These Techniques to Get Ranked Top on Google.

How Google Search Work

( Sundar Pichai’s Answer for this Question in a Recent US Congress Meet )

Anytime when a User type in a Keyword we Crawl and gone out and Store Billions of Web Pages in our Index. We take the keyword and match it with against web pages and rank them based on over 200 signals. Things that are considered while Google search.

  • Relevance
  • Freshness
  • Popularity
  • How Other people are using it

Based on that at any given time we try to rank and find the best results for that query and then we evaluate them with external radars to make sure that they evaluate it to objective Guidelines and that’s how we make sure the process works.

Similar to Google Microsoft is also using artificial Intelligence Technology in its Search engine which is called as Cortana.

Even tech gaint Apple also uses Artifical intelligence technology in its search engine which is called as Siri

Google Assistant, Cortana, Siri are the personal assistants in mobile phones and they perform search operations just by voice command and displays the best results.usage of these technologies by users is increasing day by day.

Things To Do Before Optimizing Your Website

Do research about your competitors and Write down about their Positives and Negatives of their website. By doing a small research about your competitors will help you to dominate their Presence on Google.

Know About Your Audience, like What They Want and What are their interests. This will help you post the content which is more related to your Audience.

The ultimate objective of implementing Search Engine Optimization for your Website is to:

  • Boost Your Sales
  • Increase your online presence
  • Improve your Company Reputation
  • To get more visitors for your Website
  • Improve Brand Awareness
  • To Market your Products
  • Improve Speed / Performance of your Website

These are the main reasons to optimize your website before Stepping into the Techniques I would like to share a great example of online business. There’s a restaurant in Hyderabad it doesn’t have any dining option it just works only through online platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats etc. This restaurant generates its revenue only through its online presence. It is all because of Search engine Optimization.

Now let’s step into the 15 SEO Techniques

15 SEO Techniques

1. Adding Internal Links and External Links in your Articles

Internal links

Links that are present inside the page or code that can be directed when we hover over a keyword. It direct to another page or site from the same website we are using.

In simple words, Internal links are the one which re-direct us to another page on one domain while on the same domain, using the key text.

They are mainly used for the following reasons:

  • help users to navigate to the other pages while keeping them stay on the same website
  • keep users navigating on the same site for hours improving our SEO or spread link equity
  • helps in establishing information hierarchy

External links

External links are the ones that direct us to any other domain or the source that is present on any other than the ones present in our same domain. If another website directs its users to your website it is considered as an external link to your website.

External links are mainly useful for the following reasons:

  • Linking an external link to your website or adding the matter and presenting an external link as a source draws many users to your website.
  • Maintains a good relation with the external link website
  • High chances of upgrading your SEO Rank

2. Creating the Customized URL’s and Short URL’s

Customized URL’s

Customized URL’s also called as vanity URL’s are the links that are converted from the long, Difficult to remember to short, easy to remember links. Meaning, The original URL are customized to short using the keywords and domain of the same website.

Short URL’s

These are the conversion of long complicated URL to short near URL that is used for sharing. Short URL’s are made using short URL converters in which and are famous. To be Precise an URL shortener is defined as a link compressor or link shrinker or link condenser and this goes on.

Uses of Short URL’s are follows:

  • These lead to increased link trust
  • This leads to brand awareness
  • Easy to remember

3. Catchy Title and Meta Description

Meta Title

Meta title is the title that consists of one or many keywords and its the title you want Google to show when a user searches with the keywords for example; If we take Google as our default search engine and search for some random shoes. The matter or title that Google shows in green color is what is called Meta Title.

In simple words, Its some random text which connects to the desired page in the website. It is better for us to keep the meta title as short as we can and it is best if we keep that under 60 words if possible. Keep the title limited to the keywords because your search engine mostly depends on your page’s title.

If you are good enough to put a relevant title which matches most of your keywords on the page you are willing to connect, there are many chances of you getting the good rank in the optimization.

Example for meta title is : Quora | Find your answers

Meta description

It is mentioned below the meta title, if you take the same above mentioned example and take google the words that are present below the meta title with short font size is called meta description. Including the spaces, your meta title shouldn’t exceed more than 160 characters and if your search engine finds any inappropriate words then it has the right to change the meta description and you may lose your optimization rank, an example for meta title is: Marketing, SEO, Website design.

4. Use the Right Keywords

Keywords play a very important role in SEO, choosing wise keywords helps you in growing your business faster. In general, Keywords are the words you choose and let those words visible to the users when they search about one particular field. There’s also a saying “Optimizing your content with proper keywords will help your website to rank higher, faster and gain more search engine traffic”. So wiser are the keywords. Faster the business will grow.

How to use keywords

  • Many commit a mistake by putting a lot of keywords in their pages thinking one or two will match a visitors search. But they are wrong, Choosing one good keyword is more powerful than those all combined.
  • Add a good keyword that matches the search of a user in the most viewed page of your website
  • When you’re about to launch the most important page in your website the very first step of yours should be developing a bunch of good keywords that match your page
  • Use tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to find the right keyword
  • Try to Use Adjectives on the title (Best, News, Top, Step by Step, Quick) etc.
  • Use the keywords which are suggested by Google
  • Use Keywords which are at bottom of the Google Search Page
  • Use the keywords which are displayed in ads
  • Use one of your important keywords right in the title of your page

5. Write Detailed Articles and Article should be in one Page

Detailed Articles/Article on one page

Limiting an article is nothing but placing all the information in one page instead of dispersing the data. By doing so

  • We have possibility of not diverting the reader’s or user’s mind
  • Having many pages might make the website or page look better but it takes more time for the user to load all the pages
  • Time spent on a single page improves your seo rank
  • It might be accepted if you have many ads with less content because you have limited all the information to just one single page
  • If you have for example 10 pages for articles there is a possibility the user stopping to read your entire article and if you have just one single page. Yes, You have grabbed the user’s mind
  • There are many things these days such as AMP articles with which you can load your single page very quickly

So based on all above assumptions limiting an article to one page not only draws more visitors to your website but also improves your SEO ranking.

6. Follow Social media Trends and Current Market Trends

These days every single person has smartphone available with unlimited mobile data. Every individual from whichever background from whichever country uses social media to get entertained, the most commonly used are videos, live streaming, Ephemeral content and many more any news any video can be reached to n number of persons within a short period of time

Let’s take an Example

Sometime back Government of India implemented GST. It was a trending topic at that point of time so writing an article on that topic or Expressing your views or congratulating from your Brand Social Media Handles will help you to gain some attention and will improve your Website Traffic as well.

7. Create Stunning Landing Pages

Landing Pages

The opening page of a domain is called as landing page. Have you ever wondered even after advertising your website over your budget you are still struggling to get visits yes that’s because you might not have a good landing page.

Every website owner wants a huge number of visits and views and every web surfer tries to find a good website to get his or her work done so to make a website popular you need to have a strong and attractive landing page in order to do that it needs to have attractive and bold headlines and attention drawing subject with some informative media in form of pictures and videos above all these you need to have good creative skills to create interest in visitors  to continue with your website.

In order to have a great landing page, it needs to be organized and needs to have internal links to divide the content.

Here are The Few Samples of Landing Pages

Landing pages

Graphical Representation

Presenting the data in a way everyone understands or keeping the wholesome amount of data in a shorter way is called graphical representation of data or visualizing the data.

Some of many ways in graphical representation:

  • Using an excel sheet
  • Pictorial Representation
  • Pie charts

Advantages of representing a data in a visual way

  • Makes an user know the data deeper in a shorter of simple way
  • Makes them understand the content better
  • Can represent the data in an accurate way

8. Don’t Forget to Compress the images

Image Compressors

In every website you ever visited has an image for sure relevant to the content and most of the time pictures explain the content more than the context. Everyone is always in a hurry so if you put an image on very opening of the page visitors will know yes this is what i am searching for and he will continue with the context on which you worked for.

If the image itself loads for little long the visitors exit the page and you don’t want that  happen to you  in that case image compressor comes into the context

Image compressor means reducing the size of the actual image to get faster results.

On Page optimization is most important to stay popular and successful in  this competitive world you need to make sure that to gain more visitors you need to keep your page and images in small size( mb’s or Kb’s) as possible in that case image compressor helps. Make sure you compress your image before adding it to your web page.

Speed always determines the winner

9. Try to Learn / Understand Google Algorithms

Learn Algorithms

A set of rules that are followed in a calculation and problem-solving operations in a computer is called algorithms.

The most toughest thing to master is to learn algorithm but once if you find out the logic or pattern you will be the King and there is no doubt in that but it is not as simple as you think, Try to Understand Google Algorithms like Humming Bird, Panda etc.

Google is the best example it keeps updating algorithm every time it keeps google and the ranking system of the websites and much more are evaluated by different set of algorithms not only google for example tinder, facebook, instagram, twitter,Uber etc  uses different set of algorithms so basically they set rules for web or an app how to work.

First you need to build the required interest Secondly you need to have good problem solving skills it might take few couple of months to solve the problemsStart reading tutorials for problems which you could not solve once you get pro in problem solving take a course on ds and algorithm Remember you should not only focus on context you should focus on problem solving too.

10. Make your Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly website

In this world more than pc or laptops internet surfing is done more on mobiles and tabs. In this case, mobile browsers cant perform as pc. websites are optimized to the mobile version which makes search speed faster  and it is important to make sure to keep web page clean and attractive on mobile version when optimized.

A mobile search engine should be faster and quicker and the whole information should be optimized and the information should be easy to read on the mobile avoid redirects and pop-ups make the image size smaller.

Overall make sure keep everything small and light in size yet need to be clear and comfortable for visitors use google amp.

11. Get Faster Server or Good Web Hosting Service

Faster Server

The world is moving a lot faster and even they ain’t accepting the word slow .. Gone are those days where people used to bear those slow loading sites .. Every now and then things like AMP articles and certain other fast loading plugins are getting invented. It’s better to get a fast server which serves the users a faster loading experience than making their time wasted. The maximum a user can wait in this generation is about 4-5 seconds .. If it exceeds .. ” Okay let’s move onto another link now” is what they are saying. More it goes. More will be the revenue losses.

According to some surveys its been noticed faster articles have been clicked more number of times than the ones which take more time. More interesting thing now a days is google the top most search engine has been tracking speeds of those articles and placing the ones which load faster on the top and down placing the remaining. based their speed.

So by this one can say how profitable it would be if one takes a fast server.It plays a major role in getting more clicks and also a major role in search engine optimization. Once imagine putting an AMP article to a faster server. Lightening speed is it?

12. Get SSL certificate and also Get HTTPS

SSL certificate and HTTPS

For sending any sort of message a client and a server is needed. It is impossible for anyone if even one is mentioned in the before mentioned things. Even for a normal organization secured data is an essential thing. SSL, Abbreviated “secure sockets layer” provides the both with a secure connection and doesn’t let the data exposed to vulnerable cyber attacks etc. The data that is transferred between a client and a server is encrypted.

SSL basically secures the data in the following 3 steps:

  • Encryption
  • Data Integrity
  • Authentication

Client’s browser verifies all the above steps and also verifies the SSL certificate and if it accepts. It ensures a secure data transmission between both.

Google recently announced that SSL certificate will also be considered when the search results are given to ensure the user’s safety. So SSL not only secures your data but also helps you in providing the better google search results.

HTTPS: A website prerequisite is to give HTTP (Hypertext Transfer protocol) which isn’t considered secure by most of the search engines these days. With this the the search engine marks this with the red mark and usually displays to the user the link is not secure. With SSL certificate search engine marks that as secure and you can observe this thing by clicking on the lock symbol beside “https” on the URL bar.

13. Try to Use Cache

Page caching

For the ones who use a cache cleaner in their smartphone, This needs no special mention. However, this differs something than cleaners which smartphone users use. Even if you do not use a fast server sometimes many of your pages load fast due to some temporary files and according to some surveys .. milliseconds difference might lead to the reduction in web traffic. Page caching is a process that boosts the time of loading the web pages and helps you in giving a better seo rate.

And many results from google serve the links with the cached version to the top than the original versions. Cached pages are just like the backup pages with images shedding up the size and thus loading the link faster. There are many cache plugins into the market which you can install and convert the live version to the cached version.

14. Make Full use of Google Analytics

Google Analytics , Webmaster, SERP

May it be facebook or website or any other business thing related to SEO. Analytics are very improtant. There are many tools to perform analytics. These has many google tools those convert our search results into graphical representation. In this fast moving world analayzing the data is essential to know what our position is. Not only these, Also there are things which shows us the actual age group of people visiting our website. For one who own a facebook page, These things need no special mention.

Google Analytics

Many think choosing the right keywords itself is enough for the search engines to make your link sit right on top in the search results. No, Sometimes also choosing the right keywords is not enough. So, what are you actually lacking in ?? Have you chose the right keywords ?? Or what is the most common problem your website has for not showing up in the search results ?? All these questions have one solution, “Google Analytics”. No matter which host you use, These things will be in the list of pre-installed items.

So in which way does this help us?

Organic Search: Organic search helps in giving the organic search traffic metrics which helps us in checking the position we are actually at. This section also has many other elements such as paid search, Email and the clicks through social media.

Load time of a page: We can see which page is loading fast and which does load slow and we can optimize accordingly.

GeoMap: It shows from which location you’re drawing users more and from which you’re drawing less in the analytical pattern.

Webmaster: This is also called as Google Search engine console This amazing tool helps to fix errors in our website and tracks your search performance.

Tools useful for improving SEO

1) HTML Improvements: Meta descriptions are very important in seo.This indicates or shows the missing tags in your page or missing titles in your page or if any title/tag is duplicated and if that is letting your page not to grow for search engine .. This gives you the whole information about that

2) Keywords: Keywords are the other essential thing in SEO. But how google feels about your keyword ?? This tool lets you know about that

3) Any link to be removed: This lets you know if any link is to be removed

SERP: SERP also called as search engine results page is the page that is displayed to the user when searched for any. Keywords are very important in this thing.

15. Improve UI & UX all over your Website

UI and UX

Content is the king

Yes always. In marketing, SEO might be the king but UI and UX are also very important things. UI is the User interface and UX is user experience. These are based on how we present the content to the readers. More the users like your UI and UX more you draw the attention of readers. While others like your posts etc can be easily promoted, One cannot promote UI or UX. Many hire a webmaster to check about how readers reaction to their UI or UX. According to the recent surveys and many more smartphone users in recent times, it is better creating a responsive website which is liked by many and can be easily used by many.

And finally here are the tools which are extensively used in Digital marketing and SEO.

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