Top 3 tips for following through your plan


1. Be available.
After you’ve officially delegated a responsibility the team member may cone back with questions and concerns. If so, provide the help or advice that’s needed but, refrain form doing the work yourself. Remember, delegation should give you time to supervise effectively and it should provide team members with increased job satisfaction. It’s not meant to create more work for you!

2. Check on progress as planned.
Make sure both you and the team member stick to the schedule for reports or member stick to the schedule for reports or meetings to discuss progress. Help keep yourself and the team member interested and enthusiastic. Celebrate success, and resolve to keep improving .If there are problems or issues beyond the team member’s ability or authority, deal with them promptly. Talk to others involved Check with colleagues, people in other departments, etc., to see if things are running smoothly. Often, a different perspective can provide valuable insights-offering information and impressions you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of.

3. Learn to let go.
Avoid the temptation to “breathe down the team member’s neck”-both of you will end up frustrated and with poor results! Be receptive to new ideas and new ways of doing things- you may learn something along the way. Be eager to see the team member succeed- you’ll play a leading role in the success story!


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