Three steps for preparing team members for delegation


1. Clearly communicate the key points
Talk to the person to whom you’re delegating the responsibility. Let him or her know

  • All you can about the delegated responsibility (the results and standards expected, and any related tasks involved)
  • Any limitations on time and expense, deadlines, etc.
  • Which decisions and actions he or she can make on his or her own and when to come to you for advice or approval.

2. Inform others
Make sure others in your organization know what you’re delegating and to whom, what authority the person will have, etc. This may help avoid the line. It will help equip the person to carry out the delegated responsibility effectively.

3. Provide training when necessary

  • Explain and clarify certain procedures, provide written instructions, or have someone else in the organization provide training
  • Demonstrate how certain tasks should be done
  • Observe and critique the person as he or she performs a task
  • Arrange to meet periodically to talk about what’s going on.
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