6 major benefits of training and development for employees in an organization


Training and development brings out the best in employees in an organization  by improving the skills and increasing the knowledge of employees to better handle more tasks and be more productive.

Organizations who undertake continuous training of their employees will facing an unwanted expense in it’s account books but in long run, training and development of it’s employees goes a long way benefiting everyone.  Eight major benefits that such initiatives accrue are


1. Increase quality and customer satisfaction

Focused training fills gaps in employees to output better quality work thus, increasing satisfaction level amongst customers.


2. Ensure that changes are implemented as quickly and smoothly as possible

Implementing change becomes less tardy as employees are better aware of the benefits of changes in an organization as employees are better trained for managing newer domains.


3. Improve efficiency and boost productivity

Training improves productivity as employees are better focused and complete  tasks more effectively and efficiently.


4. Prepare employees for greater responsibility and possible promotion

Trained employees are able to take more responsibilities and also become eligible for promotion as employees complete their work more efficiently.


5. Enhance employees’ job satisfaction and team spirit

Employees are more satisfied and share a team spirit during discharge of their responsibilities as well trained employees can efficiently complete assigned tasks.


6. Reduce staff turnover

Trained manpower also reduces the number of employees needed for completion of tasks as employees can be trained to manage different types of tasks. Staff is more satisfied in completing their tasks hence, reducing employee churn.

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