5 most common qualities of a leader



Leaders emerge from amongst us, even though as an popular saying goes, “Leaders are born” has lessened over time due to proliferation of knowledge and easy access to it anytime and anywhere.

Any individual who aspires to become a leader must incorporate in him or her at least the five most common qualities which are present in leaders irrespective of time when they emerged in history or in present times and irrespective of their educational and financial backgrounds. These qualities are



Leaders are always willing to tackle tasks that most of the times other usually dismiss as impossible.


Committed to excellence

Leaders start at the bottom but they’ re always looking for new and better ways to do things by aspiring towards excellence in their work.



Leaders have an aura of self-confidence as they’re willing to make decisions even when those things are unpopular with the majority.



Leaders irrespective of initiative are always aligned to it as when they make a promise, they do all they can to keep it.


Open to new ideas

Leaders do not have a narrow thoughts or mindset as they are aware of the fact that they don’t have all the answer and they are open to any new ideas.

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