Top Python Certification 2020

Which certification is best for Python?

Before we start making a list of best Python certifications, it becomes important to understand the latest trends and market requirements. Needless to say, Python has become one of the most suitable programming languages with the latest trends including Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. You may define, Python as a high-level object-oriented programming language holding a good reputation worldwide in the job market.

According to a survey, nearly 38.8% of users in Stack Overflow use Python for their projects. Moreover, Python has shown a massive increase in demand even more than C#, PHP and Java users. Thereby, witnessing high demand for professionals with Python Certification.

Why Get Certified?

To begin with, each one of us is trying our best to enhance our skills and make our careers more stable for the future. But, the primary drawback that anyone would face would be a lack of appropriate skills. Therefore, in order to achieve your potential worth, you must upgrade your skills, and as per the job requirement.

Most importantly, Python has created a good market place amongst users for better career opportunities. Moreover, if you have a thought in mind for achieving Python certification then, you need to keep a few things under consideration.

  • You should have fair working experience in Python programming
  • Also thorough knowledge of OO (Object Oriented) programming principles

However, if you are a beginner in programming and want to get good opportunities then, Python certification is the key to achieve that

Real-World Python Applications

Python is the most versatile language in the programming world and it has applications in various domains. It helps us in taking care of our current programming task as well as lets us focus on the core functionality of Python programming languages. Python has been widely used in various areas and fields where python performs various operations and functionalities. Moreover, Python plays an important role in these fields. Some the common used fields for Python are,

Web Development

  • Python is used to create big scale web applications. And, this won’t be possible with using programming languages like PHP and .Net.
  • Moreover, the reason behind this Python supports a large range of frameworks like Django, web2py, Flask, etc.

Game Development

  • You should know that Python is a very important programming language in a gaming programmer’s toolkit. Moreover, it has a big role while creating a game.
  • PyGame, PyKyra are two frameworks for game development with Python. Apart from this, we also get a variety of 3D-rendering libraries.

Application Development

  • Python provides an advantage to the developer and sometimes considers more than Java. Moreover, language performance and compatibility are much better when compared to other languages.
  • Most importantly, Python has become the core language.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • IT industry went far beyond science fiction ideas and our future is moving towards Artificial Intelligence.
  • Also, Python Programming is certainly controlling other languages when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. AI certification in Python is been in demand globally

Big Data

  • Python has an important role in Big Data by providing many tools, features, and libraries available to help data scientists explore large data sets.


  • Python has libraries that write many network-based applications. Moreover, the libraries which are being used make network programming easier.

Now before we list down the popular certifications for you, it also very crucial to understand specific job roles and career opportunities available.

Creating Career in Python: Major Job Roles

Firstly, you should know that beginners with no previous programming experience can also build a solid career in top tier companies. Some of the major roles for python programmers include –

Job Role of a Python Developer

  • Firstly, the Python developer role includes writing and implementing software solutions for integrating different systems and implementing solutions.
  • Secondly, the skill required for this role includes understanding the limitations in Python and Python web frameworks.
  • Also, Python Developers examines the candidate skills for developing Python applications.
  • Lastly, the job role involves developing Python software that includes knowledge of installation, usage, syntax, and semantics of Python programming language.

Job Roles as a Data Scientist/ Sr. Data Scientist

We have seen that Data Scientist Recruitment in India for 2019 has shown a massive increase for Python in data science, considering it the most important language. Further, there responsibilities include –

  • Firstly, assessing the effectiveness and accuracy of new data sources
  • Using predictive modeling to increase and optimize customer experiences etc.

Job Role as a DevOps Engineer

  • The skills for a DevOps engineer include the implementation of integrations required by customers. Moreover, it also includes developing software for integrating with the internal back-end systems, etc.

Job Roles as a Data Analyst

  • Data analyst is responsible for processing big sets of data and connecting that with actions. 
  • Moreover, skills required for this include having knowledge in scripting languages like Python or SQL.

Are Python Certifications worth it?

There are a lot of certification bodies offering Python certifications to get expertise in your field. Moreover, it has become important to obtain expert recognition to demonstrate your skills in IT Industry. Most importantly, employers don’t just look at resume but, they also look for different methods to validate the knowledge of candidates.

IT Language Ranking

We will now give a list of reasons why you should go for Python Certification –

  • Firstly, Python certification helps you examine your skills and find out the areas for improvement. Moreover, it provides you an overview of your entire skills profile.
  • Secondly, having a Python certification will help you stand on top when competing for some of the best jobs.
  • Most importantly, Python certification has become one of the key requirements of a number of recruiters. Moreover, such a certification can greatly help you to move a step closer to landing better and high-paying jobs for securing the future.
  • Python certification brings multiple benefits and that’s why a notable percentage of companies not only try to recruit certified Python professionals. But, they also motivate existing employees to achieve Python certification.
  • Moreover, certified professionals generally earn more than their non-certified individuals. So, after achieving the Python certification, you will be in a position to expect a higher salary with more reputable job positions.

Top Python Certification 2020

Recruiters frequently look for Python certifications to shortlist the candidates to demonstrate their skills at the next interview rounds. However, not having a Python certification will automatically decrease your chances of getting through the first round of the selection process. And, this is the biggest benefit of obtaining a Python certification.

Skills Requirement

In order to qualify as a certified professional, you must possess the following skills as it will add on to your profile,

  • Firstly, having advance knowledge of Core Python.
  • Good understanding of Web Frameworks and object-relational mappers.
  • You should have an understanding of machine learning and AI.
  • After that, there is a requirement of a good understanding of multi-process architecture with good analytical skills.

We will now pin-down some of the most popular certification bodies offering certification in Python include –


For Python, Udemy provides training course that helps you to learn,

  • Firstly, creating automatic tasks.
  • Creating a Web application.
  • Moreover, creating your own game.
  • Creating a Desktop application.

Vskills – India’s Largest Certification Body

At Vskills, you will enhance and excel in your skills in the programming field. Moreover, after completing the Python Programming certification course you should be able to develop and work on python related projects.  And, Vskills certification program is spread across various domains offering expertise in several areas. Moreover, here you will get in-depth knowledge of the industry and particular job tasks, training and eligibility requirements about the certification program.


Upgrade provides you practical hands-on projects with mentorship sessions for the certification. Moreover, they provide access to global opportunities with an alumni status of IIIT Bangalore and LJMU.

Python Institute

Python Institute offers training courses for all levels of Python programming, from beginner to advanced professional programmer. And, just as Python, it is free and open-source with having all the online self-study courses offered by the Python Institute for free.


Python certification training course helps you get to advance in the concepts and gain experience in writing Python code. Moreover, here you will also learn how to write Python code for Big Data systems like Hadoop and spark. Above all, you will be working on real-world projects with hands-on experience.


This Python Course will also help you master Python programming concepts such as data operations, file operations, object-oriented programming. And, here you will get various Python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib which are essential for Data Science. Edureka’s Python Certification Training course will help you achieve a good Data Science career.

Top Companies Hiring Python Developer

There are many companies out there that are hiring Python Developer in bulk. Most importantly, the top companies nowadays are not only looking if you are certified or not but the main demand is of skills and abilities. So, you need to work on your skills and knowledge to get a good position in a company. Moreover, the top companies for certified Python Developer are,

Average Salary of a Python Developer in 2020

Python Certification is most popular in the entire programming world. Here are some statistics showing the ranking of Python:

  • According to a survey by IEEE on the top programming languages in the year 2018, Python was on top.
  • Above all, Python has become the programming language that most people want to learn.
  • Moreover, according to TIOBE’s Programming language Hall of Fame (2018), Python was on top. And, the award is given to the programming language that has the highest rise in a year

We will now be listing the average salary as a professional working as a Python Developer –

Role Average Salary
Python Web Developer US$118,124/year
Software Engineer US$110,021/year
Automation Testing Engineer US$61,991–100,748/year
Data Analyst US$62,237/year (entry-level)
Data Scientist US$121,762/year
Machine Learning Engineer US$138,601/year
Rising Demand for Python Professionals

Expert’s Corner

There are many Python certifications that you can go for from the given list. But, remember the journey of becoming a Certified Python Developer is not going to be so easy. So, you need to remember that you should start this journey with full preparation and a positive mindset. Whilst, the preparation you need to make sure that you prepare for the tests properly with a lot of Python exam Dumps. Most importantly, Python is a very powerful programming language. And mastering this language will guarantee an exponentially rising future. To sum it up, Python certification enhances your skills to become an expert. So make your choice wisely to become a Certified Python Developer.

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