Social Responsibility Principles


Nothing in life can be achieved without following a certain set of principles. To establish a firm social responsibility ethics in the employees and the company we have to also follow Social Responsibility Principles 

Corporate Social Responsibility is basically based on the following principles:

  • Legal Compliance Principle: every enterprise has to comply and understand all effected laws and regulations in accordance with fixed and specified procedures.
  • International Laws Principle: enterprise should hold to international agreements, regulations, guidelines, declarations and decisions to frame a stronger Social Responsibility in the company.
  • Stakeholders lefts Principle: enterprise should acknowledge and accept diversity of the stakeholder’s interests and the diversity of the enterprises’ activities and product which may affect the related stakeholders.
  • Transparency Principle: enterprise should clearly and accurately declare its policy, decisions and activities, including potential effects on environment and society.
  • Respect for Human lefts Principle: enterprise should execute policies and practices which result existent human lefts.

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