Performance Appraisal – All you need to Know

Performance Appraisal – The real meaning, not a necessary evil

Performance Appraisal The real meaning, not a necessary evil

If you’re like many people, you may be apprehensive about facing an appraisal of your own work performance. You may also be concerned about apprising the members of your team. However, appraisal needn’t cause apprehension. By preparing yourself for the appraisal process your staff appraisals with skills and ease!

An appraisal is an opportunity to help staff achieve better results

  • Formally acknowledge and celebrate successes
  • Create closer working relationships
  • Identify areas for improvement – and set a plan for achieving enhanced results
  • Motivate your staff to do their best.

Appraisal means measuring performance against expectations over time

Team members

Since most people want to do a good job, employees value the advice you can provide to help them do their jobs more effectively. Also, it is their chance to talk openly about any concerns, ideas and goals.


Effective performance appraisals enhance employee performance. With strong performers on your team you will be more likely to succeed in carrying out your own responsibilities. It’s your opportunity to discuss concerns and to formally recognize progress made. It’s also a chance to listen to your members and to invite their comments on how they think things are going.

The organization

Appraisals provide a standards format by which individual and team performance can be assessed. Success to be possibilities for promotion can be more readily identified.

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