4 steps for effective team performance appraisal system

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Appraising performance of team members can be effectively developed by building an effective system which monitors performance and outcomes of individual team members. 4 steps for building a system which appraises performance for the team members are


1. Know your organisation’s policies regarding appraisal.

Many organisation have written policies explaining appraisal procedures. If your organisation does, be sure to review them carefully. In general, you will be expected to follow the same procedure for all your staff. A well-laid plan will help you do so.


2. Keep a file for each member of your team.

Throughout the year, include notations or documents that refer to the individuals successes and shortcomings, or problems that were experienced. You can include other personnel documents in the file, as well. At appraisal time, it will take you only a few minutes to leaf through the file to remind yourself of issues that should be discussed.


3. Develop a job description for each person.

A job description is the surest way to outline each employee’s responsibility. Ask your manager about writing them for your team, if they don’t already exist. Be sure that you list all required task, and any performance objectives that must be met. Review job descriptions periodically to make sure they are accurate.


4. Use a standard appraisal form.

If your organisation doesn’t make standard appraisal forms, develop one for your own use. You will probably need to list the employee’s name and job title, the objectives of the job and a ranking system.

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