Media – The fourth estate

Media An integral part of our lives

Media fulfills basic roles in our day to day life.The functioning of media indeed makes it an undeniable element in today’s life.From newspaper to the miracle like access in the virtual world with the help of Internet has become all possible only due to the advent of Media.Media provides information and also education. The form of information provided by media can be of different types and sometimes it becomes difficult to separate these information apart from entertainment.
Today newspapers,radio ,television helps a lot in bringing stories from all over the globe.The online encyclopedia and Wikipedia provides a large amount of information and facts,may it be about the presidential names of any nation or tongue twisters played by children.These days a new form of education revolution has begun wherein anybody having internet connection can access to a large amount of notes,studying materials and world class professor’s lectures.
Another very useful aspect of media is that it gives public platform to discuss and debate on various issues.Various editorials and letter column in newspapers and perennial magazines indeed provides space for people wherein they express each and everything related to the world today and obviously draw their satisfactory conclusion by these discussions. The internet also is a fundamentally democratic space where people come and express their views publicly.
Similarly media can help in running government,business and different institutions.So its high time to accept this technology rather than running away from it.The real world is getting reflected in the virtual world and of course through debates, discussions and diverse thoughts,the world is becoming wiser.The media has transformed the entire discourse of today’s time.Media has acquired a space where people either personally or professionally try connecting others via it.
So,with these different roles played by media in different context indeed makes media an important and integral part of our lives.

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