How To Build Your CV

How To Build Your CV – 5 small steps that can make a big difference

How To Build Your CV

Your CV-  CURRICULUM VITAE, is a document which provides with an overview of all your past work, achievements and experience. For some people it can be the most important piece of paper in their lives- even more important than their board’s mark sheet! Be it out of compulsion or genuine interest, Your CV has got to be the nicest, most professional one there is out there. So what can be done to ensure this?

Make sure you start your CV  with all of  your essential personal details such as

*Date of Birth


*Full name

*Parent’s name

*Contact number etc

Then proceed with your educational qualifications, that is

*10 class board marks

*12 class board marks

*name of school

*name of college and course pursued.

Then make a separate table regarding all your extra curricular. This can range from your favorite hobby to exceptional achievements such as a national level award or an international level sport played. Remember, mention things  such as being a part of the Debate society or Dramatics club of your school or college. It holds a lot of importance. It lets your interviewer know that you are able to deal with impromptu situations efficiently and have good orator and negotiating skills.

Lastly, end your CV with references. This could even be from a school teacher who taught you years ago. Make sure you get it written by someone who knows you inside out. Who is fully aware of your past achievements and future capabilities.

After writing your CV, proof read it several times. Make sure you either make a table or present everything in bullets. It makes it easier to read. Check for grammatical errors. Try making your CV look as professional as possible. Get other people to read your CV and evaluate their inputs- whether there advises will help make your CV better or not. Don’t over do your CV by using a fancy font or colorful titles. Keep it simple but classy.


All the best!

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