Brain Drain- India’s huge human resources problem

Brain-Drain- A termite

India is a developing country. Education is an important aspect for a country to reach its heights. But is our country following a correct procedure to motivate the young talent here? Why students, after completing their higher secondary education aspire to go abroad? Why they do not want to pursue their higher education, in India?

Is there a problem with the system?

Why here every student aspire to work in some foreign country? Is it beneficial for a country to allocate its resources on a bright student who ends up settling in some foreign country and working for them? Isn’t it Brain-Drain? And consequently is this good for India’s economy?

These are all questions which need to be answered and can’t be left unattended!

To eradicate this problem one should know the root cause, I personally interviewed some people who got education in India and are settled in US and some who strongly aspire to follow the same. I got some disheartening replies to my question “Why did you have this dream of settling down in US despite living in a country which has probably nurtured you like a mother since your birth till you left her?

One of the replies that I got to this, was- “Oh, India? Are you kidding me? What US has given me in all these years in term of financial status or may be in terms of personality development, India could have never given me this much!

Huhh, so, I won’t criticise the reason which this person gave me, in fact I’ll try and figure out why this has been happening to our country, that despite producing gems India doesn’t get them to serve her in return.

Definitely this is sad, that a citizen of our country thinks like that. But feeling sad won’t help, we need to work on the very reason that is making it happen. Because brain drain is a termite that is making our country hollow day by day. People should inculcate the feeling of oneness in themselves and they should have that possession for the country. So that rather than feeling that they are losing on something, while working in India, they work upon betterment of the country. And it is perfectly said that “If you want the change then be the change.”

What we want is the personality development and the financial status, no? So, why not help our own country to reach that height, so that people from other countries come and work for us, and our development!

Come, let’s work for our country and make it the best in every aspect. Because escaping from a problem, i.e. going to some foreign country and working for them, is never a solution.


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