How to organize your paperwork in 4 steps

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Organizing paper and documents is essential for team leaders and managers as they are to be retained not only for referencing in future but also they might be needed for any legal process.
1. All paperwork is not created equal

Divide paperwork you receive into three categories:

  • Items that must be dealt with immediately because they are urgent
  • Items that are important to meeting goals but can wait until you’ve handled items as above
  • Items that could be postponed-or thrown away if you’re sure they won’t be needed later.

2. Avoid generating unnecessary paperwork

For example, before you invest time in writing a memo, ask yourself a phone call would work just as well. If a writing your response directly on the sender’s memo instead of creating a new one.

3. Use the ABCs of memo writing

When it is necessary to write a memo, strive to make it:

  • Accurate- Check your facts carefully. Build a reputation for accuracy, so other will know they can depend on you.
  • Brief- get to the point quickly. A memo that goes on and on is less likely to be read.
  • Clear- Keep the language simple. Your readers will be more likely to remember your massage.

4. Develop an efficient filling system

Does your Current filing system allow you to find what you want when you want it? If not, clean out all the documents you don’t need.(Do this once a year, for example, just before or after the new year begins.)

Use a system that meets your needs. For example, you may want to arrange files in each drawer alphabetically. File only what you need to keep.

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