How to be organized – 4 points to achieve

Team leaders and managers need to be organized for being efficient and effective in their daily schedule and achieving the laid down goals from their team for the organization. Further, being organized is also essential for persons in general and it can be achieved as

1. Make the most of your work space

  • Store materials you use most often in the most accessible places, materials you use rarely in the least accessible places.
  • Keep your work surface clear of clutter. If you’re working on one job, try to keep other jobs out of the way. You’ll be less likely to misplace things and your work won’t appear to be so overwhelming.
  • Put materials you refer to frequently (schedules, checklists, etc.) in a binder.

2. Use administrative support wisely
Depending on your situation administrative support may be available to screen calls for you, sort mail that needs an immediate response form less pressing correspondence and help you stick to your schedule.

3. Learn to say “no” to unnecessary interruptions
You may need to let other know firmly-but politely-that you need to work without interruption. When you’re faced with a tight deadline, try finding a quiet place to work-away form your desk. Arrange to have essential phone calls or messages forwarded to you.

4. Save time on the telephone

  • Be prepared, Have the phone number, extension number, brief notes, papers you need to refer to, etc., before you ring.
  • Clearly explain the purpose of your call.
  • Take notes so you won’t have to ring again for the same information
  • Make a list of numbers you ring frequently and keep it by the phone.
  • Consider setting aside time for retiring phone calls, for example, the half hour after lunch or at the end of the day.

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