Free Internet for All

Free Internet for All

Free Internet for all !! Amazing Isn’t It ,

Have u ever heard about is a Facebook-led initiate bringing together technology and information to local community. Mark Zuckerberg calculated that world’s 2/3 population doesn’t have an internet access. All started with visit of Mark in India, he visited India last year to a small village in North India called Chandauli ,there he met a group of students trying to learn to use internet . He thought if resources were provided to these student their  simple and small idea can change this world.

Recent survey by Facebook found that only 1 out of 3 people cam go online, so to tackle above problem “INTERNET.ORG” was introduced so that everyone get basic amenities or help from internet for free.

” The Idea is that this population can either not afford internet access or don’t realise what internet can do to them and hence no data connection and INTERNET.ORG can address both this concerns”

So why people are not connected ?

  • No idea of internet usage
  • Expensive internet plans
  • Incapability of mobile device
  • No Mobile carrier in an area
  • Poor Development
  • No local language compatibility

They Work in this way like they partner with mobile operators and government in different countries.

Currently, In India, Reliance Communication is in partnership with Facebook to promote this resource. Reliance announced they provide free services like jobs,health,education and messaging and is available in selected states now,reliance added to avail these services user need to logon to “” from their browser or android user can directly access the resources from the app. However to access something outside these would cost you money. Nonetheless, it was functional and did more than enough to let users know what to expect from the host of sites are available for the magic price of free.Facebook found out over 800 million people in 9 countries can now access free basic services through this window. boasts about providing solutions in 3 major opportunity areas,

  1. Affordability
  2. Efficiency
  3. Business Models

Even if this is a whole new approach and have seen success till now , some people protested against this concept saying it violates net neutrality by delivering  free basic internet services that to a limited hand-picked services but as per a recent post by Mark Zuckerberg ” We don’t block or throttle away other services or make fast lanes so how it will affect net neutrality .”

What I personally feel is that every person deserve access to the opportunity that internet   provides because you never know who’s creativity/ talent can shape this world to a better place.

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