Early Bird

Early Bird

” Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy , wealthy and wise,” thid age- old saying has become irrelevant today since life styles have changes beyond recognition. The internet, television programmes , late night parties, funky dances, traffic jams, etc have rendered it impossible to retire early at night. The businessmen and executives are worst affected because most of their engagements continue into late hours of the night. They prefer making long distance calls late at night then charges are reduced to one- third of the normal rates. Now you can take the example of children, they normally burdened with home- work and those who complete in the highly competitive job market have to burn the midnight oil.

Life has become so fast paced that a person has to work fay in and day out. Now for all practical purposes , life has shifted much beyond sunset. The modern life style has affected one’s sleeping hours. Busy people like politicians, bureaucrats, industrialists, businessmen, executives, and professionals hardly get a full night’s sleep.

In metropolitian cities, school going children have to reach their schools early so they have to get up before sunrise. The lady of the house has to prepare breakfast and midday meals for her children , husband and even for herself if she is working women. Therefore it becomes a necessity to rise early. All such people should sleep early but it is not possible for them to do so. as a result , efficiency and performance suffer.

Do you know..! Psychiatrists recommend not the read the newspaper early in the morning.! The reason is type of new we read , all consist of murders, kidnapping, accodents, thefts, family disputes etc. Such news items keep on haunting the readers for the whole day.

The more sound the sleep, the more will be freshness and desire to work

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