Five top essentials to manage change


1. Change is the key to progress.
Think how changes in technology have made the world a smaller place. Today, with the help of telephones, fax machines and computers, we can exchange ideas and information with people around the world almost instantly!

2. Change affects every organization
As economies boom and slump worldwide, every organization must be prepared to meet the challenge of change. For team leaders like you, this may mean changing work processes, product specifications and office layout; supervising more contract labour; etc.

3. Managing change can make all the difference
Whether the results of change are positive, negative or something in between depends a great deal on how change is managed. Managed well, change can increase efficiency, productivity and worker satisfaction. Managed poorly, change can have the opposite effect.

4. Different people react differently to change

  • Some people welcome change. They it as an opportunity for growth. “I can’t wait to learn how to to use this new equipment.”
  • Some people are neutral about change. They give the appearance of not caring. “Doesn’t matter to me how we do the job. Nothing I can do about it anyway.” However, the chances are, they care more then they let on.
  • Some people fight change. They see it as an unnecessary disruption.” The old system worked just fine. This new way will never work.”

5. Change can be unsettling
However, there are things you can do to help ensure that the people on your team adjust to change –and make it work to you organization’s advantage1!


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