Five tips for training new employees


Training new employees is an essential part of creating a continuous supply of trained manpower to cater to the organization’s need. Effective tips for training new employees which are employed by companies for training their employees includes


1. Find out how much the trainee knows before you begin training.

This can save valuable time and prevent you form talking down to the employee. It also allows you to build on existing skills and knowledge.


2. Avoid information overload.

Don’t try to cover everything at once. What may be simple for you not be simple for a new employee.


3. Encourage a sense of pride in doing a job well.

Steps should be taken to cultivate a sense of pride amongst new employees which can be by giving out special memento or certificates


4. Put special emphasis on safety.

Wearing the proper personal protective equipment, never removing safety guards form machinery, avoiding horseplay, etc.


5. Help the new employee

Help the new employee to adjust to his or her new work environment and colleagues. Ask another team member to “take the new employee under his or her wing” for the first few weeks.

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