Pros and Cons of Team Leaders and Managers

Enlisting the pros and cons of each option for team leaders and managers


Deciding on matters and taking decisions are daily tasks for team leaders and managers but, taking decisions without enlisting the advantages or disadvantages of every possible option can lead to a wrong decision.

Hence, team leaders and managers should enlist the pros and cons of each option as

1. Think through each option

As questions such as:

  • What are its good points?
  • What are its bad points?
  • What’s likely to happen if I select this option?
  • Is it possible or practical?

(List as many possible outcomes as you can, as well as the costs involved)

2. Use a form to compare and contrast

List your and their pros, cons and possible outcomes. Pros and cons may cancel each other out in May cases, leaving certain options with clear-cut advantages or disadvantages. When there are no clear-cut advantages or disadvantages, you may be forced to choose the least harmful or least undesirable option. In any case, it’s important to be as thorough as possible as you evaluate every option.

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