Listing all possible Options

Listing all possible options – A 4 step approach for managers and team leaders



Managers and team leaders face a crucial task of enlisting all possible options before taking a decision. A logical and thoughtful approach eases the process of listing options for team leaders and managers, which can be summarized as

1. Let your thoughts flow freely

List as many options as you can- allow your mind to wander Remember no option is too trivial, insignificant or unreasonable that you shouldn’t give it some consideration. It may lead to other ideas, even if it isn’t useful in itself. However, don’t waste valuable time considering ideas that you are certain will not work.

2. Think of similar situations you’ve encountered in the past.

They may bring to mind options that otherwise wouldn’t occur to you. You might also want to consult colleagues who have faced similar situations-you may be able to put their experience to work for you!

3. Consider calling a meeting

People who have “hands-on” knowledge of a situation often have valuable insights to share. Remember, people who are consulted about decisions give more commitment to carrying them out. Bring together a group to “brainstorm” ideas. People not directly involved in carrying out the decisions may be able to offer some objective ideas. If you solicit ideas form the people, on your team, be careful. Make it clear that you’re asking for ideas only-you’re not asking anyone to decide for you. Also, soliciting options or solutions does not necessarily mean you’ll be putting other people’s solutions into practice.

4. Write down your options

Keep a written record of the ideas you generate. If you don’t record them, you may not be able to think of them later.

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