Agile-A modern era organizational concept

Agile-A modern era organizational concept

People today can probably compromise on everything but on ego and the self-respect!

So, what basically an agile manifesto says! It has certain ground rules which are as follows:

  • Promote individual interactions rather processes and tools. In simpler words, it believes that what a calm interaction with the desired person can do, the huge traditional processes and tools cannot!
  • Encourage the working product and not just the comprehensive documentation. It means that what should matter is the end product that the company produces and not the documentations.
  • Favour customer collaboration over contract negotiation. This is self-explanatory it says rather making the negotiations in the contract try gaining their collaboration, so that the company heads towards the growth.
  • Respond to change rather following a plan. This is also certainly important that if in an organization there is a scope of acceptance of change and they are always welcome rather reluctantly following what has been followed till date. If the organization will be open to changes more likely it can head towards success.

Now, let us talk about some features of the testing manifesto of the Agile concept.

They are:

  • The organizations should start the process of testing the product throughout its manufacturing process rather checking it once at the end, when it has been passed through many nets. This increases the process, and hence more time-consuming!


  • The team working on the particular product should try to prevent the bugs rather fixing the bugs when all the processes are done, because certainly “Prevention is better than cure.” 🙂



  • The focus should be on testing the understanding rather than blaming the functionality because certainly it is in no way going to help the organization.


  • The belief should be in building the system rather breaking the system. It’s better if we think of the growth of the team as a whole rather being a self-centered person, only think about one’s own growth, at the stake of the company’s growth!


Now, probably to have a clearer picture of what actually are the differences in the mindset of the people in an Agile organization or otherwise. Let’s proceed:

In the points that follow, I’ll be using “P” for the people in an organization without the Agile concept and “A” for the people working with an Agile mind set.

  1. “P” try to be predictable about business software, outcomes, productivity and the like, whereas “A” very well know that the business software is not possible.
  2. “P” work by setting the time deadlines, prices and the scope for the projects. But it is known to “A” that a scope for the project cannot be fixed!
  3. The most important difference is that the organizations (non-agile) measure the success of their projects by its conformance to plan, whereas an agile organization measures the success of the projects by the value it give to the customers.
  4. Again a very important difference, an agile organization values the people more than the “processes” which means it believes in doing the things in which the employees are happy and not what the process says. Basically it accepts a process and doesn’t impose it. Whereas other organizations value methodologies and its processes more than the people.
  5. An agile organization always welcome the software and the development changes rather resisting the changes like the other firms, which is indeed beneficial for them in the long run, after all the world is changing into a “tech savvy”.

Now, summarizing what all we talked in the above text. The agile mind set basically teaches us that in an organization, we share knowledge and not just boast about it!

  • Failure is an option, it provides us with an opportunity to learn, we shouldn’t get demotivated with the failure, rather work on the weak points and do it even better, once again. In our minds, there should be a floating thought of motivation always and we should never forget that we improve continuously, we learn from our failures.
  • When different people work together for the same purpose it is very much obvious that there will be difference in thoughts, but to head towards success, diversity in thoughts should be accepted and always welcomed.
  • Collaborate and communicate is yet another thing which agile teaches us. Most importantly make your workplace fun, so that you keep enthusiastic about working in it and for it.


We embrace change!!


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