3 essential steps for performance appraisal documentation

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Performance appraisal is an essential activity for human resource departments of organizations but, not managing documentation of the activity may result in deviations and unwanted errors. Hence, proper care should be taken for documenting the performance appraisal of employees and includes the following listed essential steps


1. Write up your notes immediately after the interview.

If you wait, things may not be as fresh in your mind. You’ll want to reinforce the discussion while it’s fresh in the team member’s mind, too. A prompt summary report shows that you took the appraisal seriously and plan to follow through on any actions discussed.

In some cases your standard appraisal form can serve as the summary report. If not, make sure that your report format remains consistent when appraising different team members – and that you put the same thought and effort into each report.

2. Have the report approved and signed, as necessary.

Review that draft report of the appraisal with the team member, either informally or at another meeting. Once you and the team member have agreed on the report’s contents, you both should sign it. Be sure to share the report with your manger and get his or her signature, too.

You should all keep copies as a record of the appraisal and for future reference.

3. Review the report regularly.

Remember – the appraisal report is a plan for future improvement as well as a review of past performance. Use the report to check the team member’s progress until the next appraisal interview. Follow-up on any actions agreed upon in the report.

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