3 tips for effective performance appraisal of employees

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Performance appraisal process might add friction between employees and management. Effective tips are to be applied for avoiding any tussle relate to employee appraisal by human resource personnel and which are

1. It‘s best to avoid surprises.

Some issues need to be dealt with right away –discipline problems, failure to follow proper procedures, costly mistakes, etc. These issues shouldn’t be left for the regular performance appraisal; they should be dealt with as they occur. Also, if you discuss progress periodically during the year, the appraisal shouldn’t really reveal much of anything that is new.


2. Always stick of the facts

Whatever you write or say about the team member’s performance, be sure to stick to the facts-keep personality, race, religion, sex and age out of it. If you feel angry or upset, take time to cool down or gain control of your emotions.


3. Use questions to your advantage.

Ask questions that don’t have “Yes” or “no” answers. For example, you might ask:

  • Have you encountered any problems in reaching the goals we agreed upon in your last performance appraisal?
  • What is it about your jobs that interest you most?
  • Which tasks do you find most challenging?
  • Where would you like to be 5 Years form now?


Questions like these will help you to learn about any training needs, team member preferences and future plans.

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