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Why should I take Logistics and Supply chain certification?

Logistics & Supply Chain Management is considered as one of the most powerful source of competitive advantage in recent times. It attempts to enhance the traditional management by focusing on the organization and integration amongst the various partners of supply chain for better management and thus providing greater value to the consumer.

You will develop and learn to apply analytical tools & approaches in the operation of logistics and supply chains systems along with designing and setting up a warehousing facility. This course will also teach you about developing logistics networks in order to minimize costs and deliver best customer service.

Study and Learn

  • Logistics Manufacturing & Material Management
  • Distribution Channel Management
  • Warehouse Management and Control
  • Transportation & Supply Chain Management
  • Distribution and Networking in SCM
  • Cost Analysis and Measurement in SCM
  • Mathematical Modelling in Logistics
  • Role of Information Technology in SCM

How will I benefit from Logistics and SCM certification?

Vskills Certified logistics and SCM professionals find employment in various transportation, warehousing, distribution and shipping conglomerates. This certification provides the foundational skills for supply chain management, logistics & global logistics industry. Excellent supply chain management is essential for businesses to be successful. The challenge with globalization is that time and distance are added to supply chains resulting in increased cost, complexity and risk. This can also become an opportunity. Successfully handling the complexities and risks provides a competitive edge and sets you or your organization above the rest.

According to Fortune and Materials Handling Institute Supply Chain Management positions will grow at nearly 270,000 opportunities per year There is greater demand for Supply Chain professionals than supply There are exciting career opportunities as a Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Analyst, Purchasing Manager.

Companies that hire Logistics and SCM Professionals

Vskills certified candidates in Logistics and SCM will get employment in comapanies like DHL, TNT, Mahindra Logistics, Gati KWE Pvt Ltd, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Table of Content


Logistics and Supply Chain Management Course Outline


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Introduction to Logistics

  • Concepts of Logistics
  • Elements of Logistics
  • P’s and R’s of Logistics
  • Forms of Logistics Management
  • Logistics Processes
  • Logistics Intermediaries
  • Logistics Issues and Challenges
  • Integration with Other Business Processes
  • Integrated Logistics

Supply Chain Management

  • Supply Chain Basics
  • SCM Evolution
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Demand Management
  • Demand Forecasting
  • The Bullwhip Effect
  • SCOR Model
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Agile Supply Chain
  • Lean Supply Chain

Freight Management

  • Freight Logistics Strategy
  • Central Place Theory
  • Impact of Product Characteristics
  • Unit Load Concept
  • Freight Transportation and Modes
  • Freight Pricing
  • Reducing Freight Costs

Materials Planning

  • Materials Planning
  • Material Classification
  • Materials Planning Principles
  • Materials Planning and Forecasting Techniques
  • MRP (Material Requirements Planning)
  • Other Planning Techniques (VMI,QR,CRP, etc)


  • Introduction to Warehousing
  • Types of Warehouses
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Warehouse Operating Principles
  • Warehouse Design
  • Warehouse Location
  • Warehouse Layout
  • Qualitative Factor Rating Method
  • Planning Warehouse Distribution
  • Cross-Docking
  • Stock Keeping and Accounting
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Containerization
  • Automatic Warehousing

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Management Basics
  • Inventory Classification
  • Inventory Management Models
  • Economic Order Quantity( EOQ)
  • ABC Inventory Planning
  • XYZ Analysis
  • Lead Time Management

Logistics and SCM Theories

  • Systems Approach
  • Resource-Based View Theory
  • Knowledge-based view (KBV)
  • Strategic Choice theory (SCT)
  • Principle Agency theory (PAT)
  • Systems theory (ST)
  • Transaction Cost Economics
  • Game Theory
  • Available-to-promise (ATP)
  • Theory of Constraints

Logistics Network Planning

  • What is Logistics Network Design
  • Design Issue and Data
  • Logistics Design
  • Logistics Planning
  • Logistics Costing
  • International Logistics
  • International Transaction Channels
  • International Distribution Channel

Supply Chain Design and Analysis

  • Deterministic Analytical Models
  • Stochastic Analytical Models
  • Economic Models
  • Simulation Models
  • Supply Chain Process View
  • Supply Chain Segmentation
  • Aggregate Planning
  • Planning Strategies
  • SCM Costing
  • Activity-based costing (ABC)
  • Target Costing
  • Sustainable SCM
  • Supply Chain Risk Management

Tools and Techniques for Logistics and SCM

  • Operations Research
  • Linear Programming
  • MRP and MRP II
  • ERP
  • JIT
  • Reports
  • Barcoding and Mobile Systems

Quality Management

  • Quality Basics
  • Service Quality
  • Quality Management Methods
  • Base Lining
  • Benchmarking
  • Value Analysis (VA/NVA)
  • TQM
  • PDCA
  • Six Sigma
  • Lean
  • 5S
  • Cause-and-Effect Diagram

Future Developments

  • E-Commerce
  • E-procurement
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Automation and AI
  • Warehouse Automation
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