Logistics and Supply Chain Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1. Non-destructive methods of inspecting and identifying goods in transportation systems is called

  1. Radiography
  2. Cargo Scanning
  3. Produce Inspection
  4. Goods Verification


2. Which of these is not a criteria for site selection for a warehouse

  1. Cost Of Procurement Should Be Less
  2. Should Be Located In A Major Industrial Area.
  3. Services Like Labor Etc Should Be Easily Available
  4. Must Be Sufficiently High To Afford Proper Drainage


3. It is common for international marketers to ________ their channel strategies for each country.

  1. Extend
  2. Adapt
  3. Restrict
  4. Eliminate

4. In an automobile manufacturing facility, the management has brought down the cost of ordering of automotive components from Rs 500 to Rs 50 through the introduction of electronic ordering. The annual demand of cars is 15,000 units. Inventory carrying cost of automotive components is Rs 20 per unit per year. The inventory turnover ratio in both the cases would be

  1. 33.64 And 107.48
  2. 34.64 And 109.48
  3. 32.64 And 112.48
  4. 35.64 And 111.48


5. The typical aim of the push approach to supply chain management is

  1.   To Reduce Costs Of Distribution
  2. To Enhance Product And Service Quality
  3.   To Reduce Costs Of New Product Development
  4. Both The First And Third Answer Above



1 (B)

2 (B)

3 (B)

4 (B)

5 (D)


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