Will `Make In India` Develop The HR ?

Will `Make In India` Develop The HR

Make In India is national program designed to transform India into global manufacturing hub. The program was announced on 15-August-2014 (Independence Day) and was launched on 25 -September -2015. The program is coined by Prime Minister Narender Modi from attract the business around the world to invest and manufacture in India .

Major objective :’

  • The objective of the program is to include share of manufacturing in country`s GDP from 16% currently to 25% by 2022 , as pronounced in National Manufacturing Policy.
  • To create 100 millions jobs by 2022.
  • To facilitate
    • Investment
    • Foster Innovation
    • Enhance skill development ‘
    • Protect intellectual property
    • To built best in class infrastructure
  • Economic Transformation while eliminating unnecessary rules and regulations , making bureaucrat processes easier and shorter and make government more transparent , responsive and accountable.

Above is quick view of the program . Now ;

Yes , from my point of view , the program shall develop the HR of the country . As the program announced it will generate employment if this so happened , number of people will get job and able to fight with hunger , poverty , empowerment etc.India has no need to depend  longer on other countries for basic requirements and able to produce the products in the country itself with ZERO DEFECT , so the funds invested on this will be saved to a large etent and those funds will use to improve standard of living and development programs of HR. As the industries set up India will transform their unskilled labor into skilled that leads overall development of one`s personality . Economic growth will increase . India will able to take ahead concept of Sustainable Development . Trade balance of goods and services shall be in favor of India.as per world bank HDI report India ranked 136th among 189 countries which shows below average performance. It will improve farm machinery to better yield crops . The program focus on Defense which strengthens the India to protect themselves . It will save intellectual property means people who are giving their in foreign will able to get opportunities for own country .

The program is excellent and it will work for everything which is barriers in country`s inclusive development. The economy will be independent in global market . as we depend leading countries forces their decisions on us as happened in 1991 , wold bank and bank of England forced India to brought open economy , However the decisions was beneficial but that was their decision that we had made it .

I wish that the program go beyond the success . Just hope for the very best.

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