Why some people are happier than others?

12 things to be happy Why are some people happier than others is a question that remains unanswered. Some of the observed facts of what happy people do differently are,

1. It is very important to express gratitude of what you have, if you are not thankful of what you already have then it is hard to be happy ever.

2. You must be optimistic in your thoughts, your work and your relations and the world around will look beautiful and full of opportunities.

3. You should have a habit of self-comparison and evaluation rather than comparing yourself to  others and over-burden your mind.

4. The feeling of helping someone selflessly is beyond comparison, so it is important to be kind and generous to all.

5. Maintaining healthy and strong relationship not only helps you build external support but works as a great internal support.

6. You must have a strategy in place so as to cope with worst situation and be prepared for future.

7. You must learn to forgive and forget. The feeling of hatred not only impacts the other person but also hampers your individuality and well-being.

8. You should try to focus on your tasks so much so that you become one with the task and get involved in it. Every task should be an experience in itself.

9. Joy comes only when you feel it from within. It is very important to celebrate and value little joys and appreciate their existence in your life.

10. In order to reach up the ladder you should first commit yourself fully to the tasks so that whatever it may take to reach there you are prepared.

11. Practice spirituality so as to recognize the worth of life and surrender the worldly thoughts for bigger and  better opportunities.

12. You must exercise and try to be healthy and fit so as to lead a happy and carefree life.

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