Questions to ask before a career change

 A dissatisfied professional life calls for a career change. In one swift move, you can transform not just what you do but also where, with whom, how and even why you do it. Some of the questions that you must ask yourself before you make the big leap are,

  • Why do you dislike the current job?

It is very important to identify the disturbing element in your current job, as you may soon find yourself in the same situation after you’ve made your move. Career change is the easiest way to  escape your current troubles (may include the work environment, co-worker or senior), but these elements are much easier to change than to change your overall career direction.

  • What do you like most about your current job?

Since life seems unjust to you at this moment  due to the dissatisfaction with some parts of your professional life so you may overlook its pluses. You must take timeout to recollect the memorable moments in your professional career till now which may include generous compensation, responsible work or the admiration of your co-workers etc. Give a thought about which of these factors you might lose in the leap to a new career and their importance in your life.

  • How much do you know about the new field?

If you are planning for the change then only reading about the field can be invaluable, you must talk to people who work in that field as it will give you a much more realistic picture of its challenges and satisfactions. You must be alert of any glamorous but misleading notions you may have about the new field.

  • How passionate are you about the new field?

If the career shift  is motivated purely by money or  just an urge to move out of the  current job then it isn’t likely to yield long-lasting satisfaction. A strong connection with new field and work culture can make the transition much easier. Without the passion, you might find yourself alone and missing the the position you left behind.

  • How applicable are your skills?

Your decision to shift towards a new career must also consider the fact the field is new to you, and the existing skills are less applicable to the existing requirement. You must consult someone in the target field about how well your abilities and experience might translate. If they do not much translation then chances are employers won’t either.

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