Why is HR inevitable for an organization?

Why is HR inevitable for an organization?


The function of HR is to deal with human being: HR is the mediator and interface person between management and employees. It will not be wrong if HR is described as spokesperson on behalf of management. HR performs so many function in the company which look too easy but not a simple task.

HR is a company’s Human Resource multiplier. In any company, HR can be its ace in the hole,if used strategically. It is believed that the functions of an HR professional should focus on the company’s greatest resource of all – its employees. It is universally true that without good employees, the best business plan and ideas will fail.

In any business there are experts to oversee and advise on various areas and departments. Likewise, there are many reasons why the role of HR in a company is important to its survival and success. The reasons why HR is important can vary depending on at the issue from a manager to an employee perspective.

One way to be a company resource multiplier is to help Line Managers be better mangers, which in turn will help prevent or eliminate distraction for employees. A general perception prevailed that employees do not leave bad companies, they leave bad bosses. No doubt, good managers are crucial to an effective organization but most have to learn how to be effective. Now comes the role of HR in a company to help develop and coach managers to do the best job possible. HR professionals posses a lot of experience working with employees in all sorts of situations and thereby their role is to advise and assist management on how to manage employees and deal with difficult situations. This is the notable reason why HR is important in helping mangers if they are able to manage effectively, problem that arise wouldn’t escalade to the point of distraction for employees. Nurturement of kids are taken care either in creches or playschool similar role is played by HR in an organization starting from joining of new employee till their retirement.

It is the HR who keeps management focussed on their job. Due to the formulation of new regulation from time to time that affects business, role of HR in a company is to unreveal the byzantine employee regulations using their expertise and to advise management about how they affect the business. It is the HR who updates business practices so the company is compliant.

Another way HR is important is that it can hire strategically, hires right. This the number one way for HR to make an impact on the organization. Hiring right means reduced turnover and increased retention by finding the high potential candidate who can do ten times as much as the average employee. It is said that HR is the mirror of an organization through which the image of an organization is reflected. Like a housewife who manages her home affairs according to the needs and requirements, similar role is played by HR in an organization.

HR is important for employees because it is treated as an advocate for employees. HR is to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and equitably and that needs of the business are balanced against the needs of the employees. The role of HR in a company affects all aspects of the organization because HR supports employees and employees are the most important resource. The backbone of any successful company is the HR Department , and without a talented group of people to hire, culture, and informed employees, the company is doomed for failure. Behind the success of every man there is a woman, the success of an organization depends on how talented and effective is its HR professionals. Face is the index of mind , similarly HR is the index of an organization. It is the HR whose encouragement not only lifted the spirits of employees on the rare difficult days but also enhanced their enthusiasm on normal days. It will be a notable achievement on the role of HR if the employees ride exceptionally towards betterment of their own and organization as a whole. Life is the importance of living by example, the importance of HR lies to demonstrate respect and tolerance towards the opinions and beliefs of employees while holding good things within them.

– Debleena Sinha

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