Why is discipline important?

Why is discipline important

The term “discipline” has always been viewed as something restrictive by many of us. Right? From school days to even in office, we have been told to discipline ourselves, then why would our teachers, parents and bosses want to restrict us? The truth be told, discipline is not something that restricts us, but only helps us lead our lives, our work and jobs in a more well organized and planned way, in which our wisdom and sense of responsibility guide us.

I read it sometime ago,  in a book that just like a car needs breaks to control it’s speed, so that it doesn’t bang into something and the driver can drive properly and safely, similarly discipline helps us to control our lives so that we can save ourselves from getting lost in a maze of name, fame, materialistic pleasures etc, but are constantly alert of where our life is heading!

Discipline in all aspects of life is necessary, as it helps us achieve our goals well on time by helping us overcome the distractions that come in the way! Like taking instances from my own life to which many of my young friends would relate to is, that when we know that we should be wasting less time on whatsapp, facebook etc but still we end up missing out on our important work only because last night we were too busy chatting with our pals that we forgot the deadline. But if we could all discipline ourselves and tell ourselves that first we need to finish our work and the we would free to do all of these, then this way, neither work would suffer nor we would miss out on fun.

Incorporating this great quality may take time but the end results are going to be worth it, because just this quality alone can help you become more punctual, regular, effective and efficient in life. Just keep working on yourself and one day you’ll surely be able to lead a more disciplined life that will make you a better person too!

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