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What are the scope and career opportunities of Web Development in 2022?

The scope of web development is broadening day by day not only based on the reputation and salaries it offers but also because of the growing popularity of e-commerce and mobile devices. Today when we anticipate such brilliant growth in the digital industry, the web development, and IT sector is bound to grow rapidly along with the digital industry. So, it is correct to say that web development has tremendous career opportunities for interested candidates.

A good web design is helpful in guiding users’ eyes and telling them where you want them to look. Web design can draw users’ attention to highlight calls to action, and special offers, and help users identify buttons as well as clickable elements. Thus, these things help in driving users to take the actions they want, and hence, web development plays an important role.

If you also possess that amusement towards web development, designing, and analytics then this blog is for you as here we’ll discuss in detail the scope and career opportunities of web development. So, stick with the blog till the end and you’ll get a fair idea of the steps you need to take in order to build a successful career as a web developer. Let’s begin with knowing the skills required for one to possess in order to enter this field-

Skills Required

In order to become a proficient web developer, it is advised for you to possess the following skills and abilities-

  • Programming skills
  • Technical understanding
  • Detail orientation
  • Logical approach
  • Mathematical skills
  • Good communication skills

Learning Outcomes

Web development has the following learning objectives-

  • Ability to use HTML tags and JavaScript language for programming.
  • Ability to develop the ability to logically plan, design and develop web pages.
  • Ability to skillfully write, test, and debug web pages making use of HTML as well as JavaScript.

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of a web developer include-

  • Designing and deploying dynamically scalable and reliable cloud applications.
  • Designing and deploying scalable operations on the cloud platform.
  • Planning and implementing cost-control strategies.
  • Select cloud services so as to deploy and design an application based on given requirements.
  • Migrating complex and multi-tier applications on cloud platforms.

Jobs and Career Opportunities of Web Development in 2022

Today, being a web developer is not the same as what it was ten years ago. This field has witnessed rapid growth over the years and has become one of the most popular industries in the world so the year 2022 is definitely a great time to enter the field. Even reports suggest that jobs in web development are going to grow by 13% in the coming years. Thus, it is among the most desirable careers for freshers or professionals in 2022. So, let’s have a look at some of the highest-paying careers in this field-

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are people responsible for introducing processes, tools, and techniques to balance requirements throughout the software development life cycle, be it coding or the deployment for maintenance and updates. This is both an in-demand and cerebral profession for candidates with an interest in information technology and web development.

Average salary-Rs. 6,06,412

Full Stack Developers

Full-stack developers are those people who work with the back end or server-side of the application and also the front end, or the client-side. The skills required for this profile include the knowledge of a wide variety of coding niches, starting from databases to graphic design as well as UI/UX management. This is also one of the highest-paying jobs in the field of web development.

Average salary-Rs. 6,00,000

Cloud Computing Professionals

Cloud computing professionals are basically the go-to people for all the things related to cloud technology. They are responsible for developing a deep knowledge of the business users, cloud platform, and all the integrated systems used by their organizations.

Average salary-Rs. 5,39,366

IT professionals

IT engineers and professionals work with the computer systems of an organization. They make use of skills in technology and implement them to troubleshoot and design new systems of information technology. IT engineers are in good huge demand today, what is needed is certain training and education to find a position.

Average salary-Rs. 6,91,686

MEAN Stack Developers

MEAN stack developers are professionals with knowledge of MEAN stack development i.e. the development process that falls within these specific set of technologies MongoDB, AngularJs, Expressjs, and NodeJS. To put it otherwise, MEAN stack developers are similar to JS-based application developers.

Average salary-Rs.5,30,000

Core Java Developers

Core Java developers are the experts in Java SE and technologies related to it. This job demands extensive knowledge of and also experience with all the Java class libraries.

Average salary-Rs.4,26,176

Android App Developers

Android developers are software developers specialized in designing applications for the android marketplace which is the direct competitor to Apple’s app store. So, most of an android app developer’s job revolves around the creation of the apps we use on our smartphones as well as tablets.

Average salary-Rs.3,76,000


We’ve discussed almost all the career opportunities of web development and the highest paying jobs in this field for you to explore as per your area of interest. Once, you are ready to enter this field, all you need to do is to follow a proper route to reach your goal. So, let’s have a look at what is to be done after completing your schooling in order to build a career as a web developer.

How to Become a Web Developer?

Remember, formal education is not necessary to become an entry-level web developer. often, web developers hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in website designing or computer science, but most people learn to code and design websites on their own. Indeed a degree help builds a more competitive and strong portfolio toward validating your skills to potential employers. Let us look at the steps for becoming a web developer.

Step 1 – Build core Web development skills

Web Developers are ideally expected by employers and clients to possess skills that exhibit their skills to deliver as per the website requirements. Some of the skills you can focus on to build a foundation for success are –

Technical skills

  • Learn Coding: Some of the most common programming languages used for front-end design are HTML, PHP, cascading style sheets, and JavaScript. For back-end development consider learning Python, Java, or Ruby.
  • Responsive Design: Since people use a lot of different devices to view websites, therefore developers are required to create sites that look as good on smartphones and tablets just like on computer devices.
  • Technical SEO: Developers are also required to have a understanding of how search engines rank sites. Since a lot of factors in website designing impact the site’s search engine ranking
  • Version control: Must also learn version control as it allows you to track and control changes to the source code without starting over each time you face a problem.
  • Visual design: Learning basic design principles, like using white space, choosing fonts, and incorporating images improves your capabilities.

Workplace skills

  • Communication skills: As Web developers, you are required to discuss design ideas with clients and the team at each step of the project. Therefore you must focus on developing good communication to sell across your perspective.
  • Customer service: As web developers, your designs should remain client-focused to achieve the best results.
  • Detail-oriented: Web developers should focus on details, like changes in code, design and functionality for improving the performance and deliverables.
  • Organized: As web developers, you must keep track of deadlines, project tasks, workflow, and budgets to deliver on time and efficiently.
  • Problem-solving Skills: You may run into various problems when designing websites therefore you must have patience and the ability to identify problems and solve them efficiently.

Step 2 – Get a degree in Computer Science/Web Designing

It is not mandatory to have a degree for a job in web development, but a degree can surely help. Some majors might be a good fit for your career goals. So, if you are more interested in back-end web development, consider a degree program in computer science. But, if you wish to develop front-end development skills, then a degree in web design or user experience (UX) is more appropriate.

Step 3 – Build a portfolio in Web Development

Often clients seek a vast portfolio on your resume as a web developer. As this collection of projects and portfolio showcases potential employers and clients your capability, creativity and experience. Also while including code, ensure to annotate to demonstrate your thought process.

Step 4 – Become a Certified Professional

Becoming a Certified Developer can validate your skillset to potential employers. There are a lot of options to upgrade your skillset. Some of the popular learning areas include –

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