Underlying Concept : GO GREEN

Underlying Concept GO GREEN




In Our Indian National Flag, GREEN color symbolizes a faith, chivalry, growth, fertility & auspiciousness of Indian soil land. GREEN color adores by festive and stabilizing meaning of vibrance, prosperity, life and happiness.

  In order to create holistic environment which all of us surrounded by need to understand innovative and responsible meaning of GO GREEN in scientific and systematic manner. Some of Principles include –

  •    Create Awareness –  Share Innovative Ideas and Concept, Educate Societal responsibility towards nature, Working together as helping hands.
  • SAVE Energy
  • SAVE Water
  • SAVE Trees – Plantation Drive is a resource tool against deforestation
  • MOVE Smartly – Analyse Our Daily habits to minimize the resources
  • BUILD Environment –  Develop and Contribute Programs to build responsible society and bring people together
  • REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE – A way to conserve our environment
  • THINK about our Wildlife
  • ENSURE Cleanness – A way of Healthy living
  •   BRING Love,Peace &Harmony – Creating balance &Understanding in society

Nature had endowed our country generously making megabiodiverse country. A biodiversity is a variety of life forms on the earth, which is fundamental to our survival. The future will thus depends on the restorative and ameliorative actions that engage within relation to our wealth in biodiversity today. The challenge can only be met with broad stakeholder participation’s towards the right knowledge, to the right resources and the right spirit of working together for the common good, may the International Day for Biological Diversity 2015 help us draw on synergies and strengths across sectors to achieve the vision of Biodiversity for Sustainable Development.

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