A BLOGGING is powerful Intellectual tool to communicate World wide digitally-globally!

Do We Underestimate its Power!. Lets Look in details below.

A Blogging are being a way of communicating, exchanging, interacting and exploring the ideas, concepts, furnishing information, alerts, debate and discussion etc all means of participation digitally. It has to share on Blogs and MicroBlogs depends upon the need and strategy to communicate.  They are vital tools in digital communication world wide network and communication channel.

It helps to publicized the information, innovation, research work, analysis, reports, presentations on various diverse issues. It also influence not only online but also offline networking and recognition.They will chances of invitations, to be a speaker, presenter to contribute for further in publishing ideas and analysis. In short summary, blogging and micro blogging are critical online methods for communicating and engaging with a massive global network of researchers and peers.

Lets Explore its Basics :-

  • Choose a Platform for Blogging/MicroBlogging – WordPress, Facebook, Vskills -Blog, Twitter(Micro Blog)  There are many blogs available
  • Think of Domain name (URL) for your blog to have.
  • Select Suitable Theme for purpose of Blogging
  • Complete a brief profile for your work and information made available
  • Create a Title for blog- simply summarizes the the main focus of expected post
  • Writing a blog – used to make a habit
  •  Invite the colleagues and friends to follow your network
  • Read and Follow the peers blog and comment with consent a notes
  • Share the Links to All social media platforms
  • All it helps to motivate to keep on writing and engaging with works!

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