Software Testing Jobs in Delhi/NCR

Top Software Testing Jobs in Delhi/NCR (2022)

Software testing jobs involve evaluating and verifying that a software product or application is performing in the way it was designed to do. The testing process ensures the prevention of bugs and that the software meets all the technical and user requirements effectively and efficiently. But the Software Testing job is not just limited to finding faults, it also involves finding measures to improve the software in terms of efficiency, accuracy and usability.

Indeed late delivery or software defects can damage a brand’s reputation, leading to frustrated or lost customers. In extreme cases, a bug or a defect can affect interconnected systems or cause serious malfunctions. On the other hand, when development is coupled with testing, it improves software reliability and high-quality applications are delivered with few errors. A bug-free system or software can play a huge role in generating sales and retaining customers due to high customer satisfaction. Hence, software testing becomes a sought after role for many top-tier companies.

Software Testing Jobs in Top-Tier Companies

The list of companies offering Software testing job openings in Delhi/NCR is:

Microsoft Corporation, Noida

Role: Software Engineer in Testing

Microsoft Corporation is a leading developer of personal computer software systems and applications. The company also produces its line of hybrid tablet computers, and email services and sells computer input/output devices.

As per Glassdoor, the typical Microsoft software test engineer’s salary is Rs. 4,49,348. Software test engineer salaries at Microsoft can range from Rs. 3,52,588 to Rs. 26,19,226.

Skills needed for a Software testing job in Microsoft
  • Technical expertise in testing and execution
  • Create test scripts using available test tools.
  • Building of test setups as per requirements of the test case
  • Good knowledge of 4G Mobile packet core network elements.
  • Experience in SHEEL/python scripting
  • Hands-on experience in virtualisation technologies (Kubernetes/dockers) and packet core test tools (DevSol, landslide etc)
Steps to Apply for Software Testing Jobs in Microsoft, Noida

Step 1: Visit the careers page of Microsoft and access the “Software development engineer test” job opening.

Step 2:  Click on “Apply now” and sign in using Google/Facebook/outlook/LinkedIn.

Step 3: Create a profile and sign in.

Step 4: Click on “Continue with the application”

Step 5: Fill in the rest of the information and submit the application

FISERV, Greater Noida

Role: Software Test Engineer

Fiserv is a fintech company that deals with account processing, digital banking, e-commerce, merchant acquiring and processing etc. As per Glassdoor, The typical Fiserv Software Test Engineer salary is ₹6,85,684 per year. Software Test Engineer salaries at Fiserv can range from ₹4,18,456 – ₹10,14,562 per year.

Skills Required
  • Writing testing scripts
  • Implementation of the scripts
  • Communicating the feedback to other stakeholders
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Programming skills
Steps to Apply for Software Testing Jobs in FISERV, Greater Noida

Step 1: Visit the FISERV Careers Section

Step 2: Click on “Apply now” and create an account

Step 3: Follow the instructions and apply for the job

Siemens,  Gurugram

Siemens is one of the leading producers of technologies for combined cycle turbines for power generation; power transmission and distribution solutions; infrastructure solutions for Smart Cities and transportation; automation and software solutions for industry and a supplier of healthcare equipment.

Skills Required
  • Reviewing, testing and maintaining records
  • Review user stories with relevant stakeholders during refinement
  • Reporting errors in bug tracking tools
  • Strong Domain knowledge on Substation and Transmission products Transformer, Bushing, Circuit Breaker, Gas Insulated Switchgear, Arc Suppression Coil, Gas Instrument Transformer etc. installation and operation
  • Experience on JIRA and Zephyr for test management and defect tracking
  • AWS, IoT knowledge

Steps to apply for software testing job openings at Siemens, Gurugram.

Step 1: Visit the Siemens Career Section

Step 2: Click on “Apply”

Step 3: Fill out the details including resume upload and apply for the job

TATA Consultancy Services, New Delhi

Role: Test Automation Engineer

Tata Consultancy Service, a part of the TATA group,  is an IT services and consulting company in India. It oversees operations companies in several sectors like IT, engineering, energy, chemicals, communications etc.

Skills Required

  • Automation Testing, Selenium
  • Jmeter, Katalon, UFT,Jenkins
  • Teamwork
  • Good communication and presentation skills

Steps to apply for software testing job openings in TCS, New Delhi

Step 1: Visit the TCS Careers page and access the job opening.

Step 2: Click APPLY and create a profile with TCS

Step 3: The job will be applied for but fill the rest of the form by clicking on “clicking here” as mentioned in the green strip.

Step 4: Fill in the rest of the form

DXC Technology, Noida

Role: Product Tester

DXC Technology Co. is a global IT services and consulting company that provides technology consulting, outsourcing and support services.

As per Glassdoor, the typical DXC Technology associate professional product test salary is Rs.4,49,348 per year. Associate professional product test salaries at DXC Technology can range from Rs.1,92,996 to Rs.8,49,948 per year.

Skills required

  • Executing automation test scripts and functional testing of Insurance Product
  • Strong analytic skills
  • Takes ownership
  • Collaborative, strong team player
  • Working knowledge of Selenium / QTP tools, Flame Automation framework

Steps to apply for Software testing job openings at DXC Technology, Gurgaon

Step 1: Visit the careers section of the DXC website and find the job role “Product tester”

Step 2: Click on “Apply now” then create an account.

Step 3: Follow the instructions and fill out the application and submit it.

Bharti Airtel, Gurgaon

Role: Senior Lead engineer – Performance Test Engineer

Bharti Airtel is an Indian multinational telecommunications services company that offers fixed-line telephone and broadband services pan-India. The product offerings include voice connectivity over fixed-line and high-speed broadband.

Skills Required

  • Good programming skills in any of the following program languages: Java/C#/Python.
  • Good knowledge and practical experience in JMeter/ LoadRunner/ Dynatrace or similar tool.
  • Experience identifying memory leakage, connection issues & Bottleneck problems in various technologies such as web application(s), infrastructure, and Cloud.
  • Knowledge of Memory/DB profiling tools.
  • Knowledge and experience with SQL and relational databases, and authentication scenarios.
  • Implementing performance testing from scratch or using tools such as  BlazeMeter, JMeter
Steps to apply for software testing job openings at Bharti Airtel, Gurgaon.

Step 1: Visit the careers section of the Airtel website.

Step 2: Apply for the Sr. Lead engineer – PTE profile.

Step 3:  Fill in your email address and click NEXT

Byju’s, Noida

Role: QA Engineer – Automation

Formerly known as Gradeup, the platform helps students practice, learn, and understand subjects in-depth and easy-to-grasp. It is a perfect blend of online learning by top faculty, the latest pattern mock test and comprehensive study material

As per Glassdoor, Sr. QA Automation Engineer salaries at BYJU’S can range from ₹10,14,552-₹11,12,486

Skills required
  • Understand and apply test-driven/behaviour driven design concepts to test and debug automated solutions and software utilities developed by self and others
  • Knowledge of Web Services Testing or Web Ul Testing is desirable.
  • Knowledge of current build and test automation tools and processes, such as TestNG, Maven, Jenkins, Mockito, Git, etc
  • Knowledge of OOPs concepts, core data structures, algorithms and application in writing the test frameworks.
  • Strong SQL understanding and Hands-on knowledge in a database.
  • Exposure to performance and security testing, Linux/Ubuntu Platform and NoSQL database.
Steps to apply for software testing job openings at Byju’s Exam Prep, Noida

Step 1: Visit the career section of the website and access the engineering jobs department

Step 2: Access the QA Engineer – automation job in the Testing section

Step 3: Click “Apply now” and sign up

Step 4: Click “Apply for this job”

Step 5: Follow the rest of the instructions and submit the application

Blackberry Limited, Noida

Role: Software Development Engineer in Test

Blackberry limited is a software company specialising in cybersecurity. Its products are used by businesses like car manufacturing and government agencies to prevent hacking and ransomware attacks.

Skills required
  • Programming languages like Python or C#.
  • Experience with the Windows, macOS or Linux platforms.
  • Designing frameworks to automate functional & performance testing.
  • Experience working with black-box and white-box testing methodologies.
  • Strong software design debugging and testing skills.
  • Working knowledge of tools like Git, Bitbucket, Jenkins, and Jira.
  • Working knowledge on Hypervisors (VMWare, Citrix) / AWS / Azure
Steps to apply for software testing jobs in Blackberry limited, Noida

Step 1: Visit the Blackberry Limited careers page and access the job opening

Step 2: Click on “Apply” and follow the instructions to apply

Infosys, Gurgaon

Role: IT Tester

Infosys is a global leader in digital services and consulting. Infosys offers end-to-end test automation services under its validation solutions to define and build enterprise test automation frameworks, implement test automation frameworks, migrate test automation tools and script automated test scripts.

As per Glassdoor, the typical Infosys Software Test Engineer salary is Rs. 4,73,071 per year. Software Test Engineer salaries at Infosys can range from Rs. 67,382 – Rs. 92,27,231.

Skills required
  • Ability to work closely with other QA testers and project team
  • Test design, architecture and scripting knowledge
  • Experience in developing test cases and test plans
  • Knowledge of software test life cycle activities and agile methodologies 
  • Analytical and client interfacing skills
  • Team coordination 
Steps to apply for software testing jobs in Infosys, Gurgaon

Step 1:Visit the career section of the website and access the “IT testing” job.

Step 2: Register with the website and sign in

Step 3: Fill in the information and apply for the job.

Adobe, Noida

Role: Software Quality Engineer

Adobe is a global software company that offers products and services used by marketers, professionals, developers, enterprises etc. 

Skills required

  • Developing tests and maintaining quality standards
  • Modifying and executing test plans
  • Documenting the results
  • Ensuring quality computer integration
  • Communication skills
Steps to apply for software testing job openings in Adobe, Noida.

Step 1: Visit the Adobe careers section and access the Software Quality engineer job opening 

Step 2: Click on “Apply” and create an account to sign in

Step 3: Follow the instructions and submit the application 

ESRI, New Delhi

Role: Software engineer in Test

ESRI (Environmental systems research institute) is an international supplier of GIS (Geographic information system) software, and geodatabase management applications.

Skills required

  • Designing the integration tests in Java/Pythion
  • Refactor and re-engineer them as needed
  • Managing the test framework and dashboards
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Web API development in REST and SOAP.
  • SQL usage and familiarity with JavaScript

Steps to apply for software testing job openings at ESRI, New Delhi

Step 1: Visit the career section of the website and access the job opening

Step 2:  Click on the job opening and log in using Google/Facebook/Github etc.

Step 3: Fill out the information and apply for the job

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