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Top 7 Reasons to Spend on Paid Advertisements

More than 4 billion search happens every day and we need to understand the importance of showing up for relevant search queries. Every second, more than 70,000 searches happen on Google Search Network (GSN), 1000 posts are shared on Instagram, 30,000 posts shared on Facebook and 75,000 videos are seen on YouTube. Everyone here is already finding an answer/ solution. With this sort of information, there is definitely a need to outrank competition and get relevant traffic in less time.


Any company can go with either paid ads or organic ads. Paid ads acts as a game changer for any business because organic ads need huge amount of time to convert. In my opinion, main reasons for which one should go for paid ads along with SEO strategy are:

1. Increases Reach

In every business, reach is very important. For expansion of businesses, increase in audience reach is very much required. Whether the goal is to increase awareness of product/services, to sell a product, creating brand awareness, paid ads plays very important role in achieving target objectives. Google paid ads helps in increasing brands reach by reaching Google ads search network or display network. It helps you boost your ad and gives you a chance to come on first page depending on ad relevancy, landing page of website and search keywords used. With the help of ad targeting tool, Google helps you target via location, time, language, interest, time of the day, behavior, similar audience and so on.

In addition, paid search ads brings potential customers, who are searching for specific product or services, to the brand. These potential customers are already on a mission to find an answer or making a purchase decision. With this, you can expect shorter buying cycles and higher transactions from your paid campaigns.

2. Increases efficiency

Paid ads takes lesser time than organic ads. With the same keyword search, chances of your ads showing up increases. You get access to more potential customers in very less time. Paid ads helps you add negative keywords. By negative keywords I mean keywords that are not relevant to your search/ company. By adding negative keywords, your ad will not show up when those terms are used for search. As described in below example, your ad will not show if anyone searches with keywords like hotels in Lansdowne, budgeted hotels etc.

How to choose negative keywords

Best way to choose negative keywords relevant to your business is to identify the AdWords which are bringing in traffic but aren’t converting or using keyword planner. To master it, you have to make a list of keywords which matches your ads and eliminate those which are not relevant.

With the use of negative keywords, you will be able to save money by not reaching to all search queries. It will help you filter potential customers.

By improving the quality of your CTR (click through rate), Google will rank your ad with a stronger Relevancy Score, which increases relevant search results.

3. Increases accuracy

With paid ads, you target right audience at right time; You tend to target those audience, who are interested in your products. Paid Ads helps you reach as many relevant audience as it can. It is searched on google network and its subsidiaries. It helps to search on various social media platform to get the relevant audience. It also helps when product is niche. At this very early stage paid ads helps in avoiding unnecessary disturbance and reaches right set of audiences at the right time. It also helps you create and run multiple ads in same budget. You can choose between different keyword match types. Details of different match types are mentioned below:

  • Broad match: This is a default keyword type. As the name suggest, it is the keyword match type that allows you to reach widest audience. In this type you are allowed to appear whenever a user searches any keyword in your ad phrase. It includes misspellings, synonyms, related searches, and relevant variations. No special symbol is used before the keyword. For example, if you use broad match on keyword “pink dress”, your ad might show when user searches for “red dress” or “pink scarf”. It will increase the traffic but problem is those traffic might not be relevant to your business
  • Broad match modifier: It allows you to be more specific around queries that will trigger your ad. It works byappending a ‘+’ to the specific word in your keyword phrase that you want to lock in place. Your ad will show only when that word appears in search query. For example, if you use “+red dress”, your ad will appear only when red dress is searched for. It shows results for searches that contain modified terms (or closer variations), but not synonyms, in any order.
  • Phrase match: Your ad will appear only when a user searches for exact keyword phrase. To use this, add keywords in double inverted commas (“,”). For example, if user searches red dress, your ad will appear in “red dress for wedding” or “red dress for women” but not for “red women dress” or “dress for women”. It matches searches with additional words before or after, but not in between or in a different order.
  • Exact match: It is the most restricted match type. It is used in those cases in which you are very particular for the keyword. To use this, add keyword in square brackets [,]. For example, if search term is [red dress for women], your ad will appear only then. Ads will show only when search keywords are exact term or its close variation.

In line with what is mentioned above, we can conclude that we can be more accurate in finding our audiences and get better results by using keyword match type. With extremely relevant keywords in ad copy, your quality score and CTR increases and CPC decreases.

4. Increases cost effectiveness

With Google paid ads you will pay only when user clicks on your ad irrespective of how many impressions were made. Thus no money wasted on irrelevant impressions. Also, there is no minimum budget that you have to spend. It’s up to companies, what they are willing to pay. Each company has different needs and ad budget; therefore, it is very important to allocate the budget in such a way that it should not get exhausted in few days.

Evaluation of marketing strategy is very important here. With Google paid ads you can optimize your bids depending upon device from which your ad is accessed more, time of day your ad gains maximum engagement, geography from which ads are accessed more, important keywords etc. This helps brands in achieving better ROI.

5. Increases flexibility

Another advantage of paid ads is flexibility to optimise. Everything in ad campaign is controllable. To achieve higher results, you can always optimise your ad at any stage depending on the traffic and behaviour with the ad. The parameters that can be optimised are mentioned below:

  • Keywords: You can add or remove as many keywords as you want depending on the relevancy with the ad and engagement at any given point of time. I recommend, in a particular campaign, we should add different set of keywords for different ads of the campaign. In a set, for the start, you can 10-15 keywords.
  • Ad copy: You can have multiple ad copies in single campaign and same budget. Ad copies can further be edited depending on the interaction with user
  • Ad extensions: You can add extensions to the ad like location extension, seller ratings, consumer ratings, call extension, sitelinks depending upon need and objective of the campaign
  • Landing page: You can always improve landing page depending on the the user behaviour.

6. Increases measurable results

One of my favourite thing about digital marketing is being able to deliver results of my campaign. It helps in analysing the areas of improvement and understanding data funnel. One can track the campaign from the day it is published. Google paid ads can be measured at each and every step, from ad copy to its landing page. Connecting your ad to google analytics account helps you in changing and improving your marketing strategy. In your ad, you can measure what is working and what is not working. From the time ad is published, in no time and minimal cost, paid search campaigns start analysing all the factors associated with the ad. It even provides you funnel report in which you can evaluate the point of customer exit and areas of improvement.

Paid ads allows us to show immediate results for added keywords. Paid accounts also suggests which keywords can be added. Unlike organic ads, campaigns are quick to set up and don’t require long term care. It just need to be monitored and optimised to ensure long term results.

7. Increases visibility

Unlike organic search, you can definitely outreach the competition. Paid ads help you in increasing visibility of your ad copy on the first page when a search happens and hence increases the chances to be clicked. With the help of auction insight feature in your Google AdWords account, you can find how your competitors are performing and areas of improvement. You can measure how much impressions competitors are getting. With the same set of keywords, good content and good ad copy, you can increase the visibility even with low budget.

In this screenshot, you can see performance of campaigns of different travel companies and the factors in which the companies are leading or lagging. You can craft your ad copy accordingly and increases the likelihood of conversion.

It’s now or never, start investing and grow bigger.

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